How to Google even better

How to Google even better


Are you looking for the needle in the haystack here and there? PCtipp shows you the best tips on how to google better through life. […]

Do you sometimes Google for the needle in the haystack? With the following eight tips you will be able to Google better through life.

Tip 1: Exclude words from the search

If you are looking for a recipe for cabbage soup stew with celery, it certainly has rüebli in it again in every recipe. But you do not want a cabbage soup recipe with rüebli. Example: You are looking for bass, but do not want additional speaker systems as search hits, so just add speakers in the Google search and put a minus sign in front of it.

Put a minus sign in front of the word you want to exclude (c) Screenshot / PCtipp

Tip 2: Search hashtags or Twitter channel

You would never create a Twitter profile in your life, but still want to know what is currently hotly discussed in social networks?

Then give the keyword a hashtag (a #sign). Hashtags are used to tag flow texts in social networks. On Facebook, Google searches only publicly accessible pages.

Search for tags on social networks with hashtags (c) Screenshot / PCtipp

Now you are always up to date, for example, when a politician has once again happened a funny babbler.

Twitter Channel

Search for a Twitter channel as follows: But if you are now interested in the tweets of a specific Twitterer, search for them using the “@ ” parameter.


Tweets from a specific Twitter user can also be found without a Twitter account (c) Screenshot / PCtipp

Tip 3: Search for a specific web page

Add site: before a website or domain. Example:

Search for specific websites (c) Screenshot / PCtipp

Tip 4: Browse specific web pages

You remember a really good article on a website, but only the keywords come to mind?

Now, to find a report specifically on a particular website, go to the Google search box and enter the following: my search. Thus, Google only searches the web page that follows on site.

As an example: smartphone cameras.

With Google-Site-Search you can find content of a specific website (c) Screenshot / PCtipp

Tip 5: the right image search

Brighten up the invitation for the next barbecue? No worries!

About the advanced image search the targeted image search is very fast from the fingers. Find images in the desired resolution, by file type or by their rights.

With the image search, you can specifically search for properties such as image size, image formats and image rights (c) Screenshot / PCtipp

Tip 6: the AND and OR operator

With the codes AND and OR you can form so-called search strings. The search results are thus refined even more.

True, it’s nice that Google even checks spelling, looks in dictionaries and corrects the search. We have the salad with similar search terms. Example: The search query could be Notebook or ultrabook or notebook or notebooks.

If you want to search with related terms or synonyms, OR is the right command. With OR (English: “or”) Google also looks for alternatives. In this case, Google expands the search box from Ultrabook to Notebook and searches for your specific search query in both categories.

Example: Use ” OR ” to search for either a notebook or an ultrabook (with fingerprint scanner) (c) Screenshot / PCtipp

The AND code, on the other hand, is more likely to be used for longer, nested search phrases. With brackets, search terms can be grouped meaningfully. Example:

Flower AND Blossom AND (Leaf OR Plant)

Here you get a search result that contains the words flower and blossom and the word leaf or the word plant. But seriously: Even we use the AND-Code from the PCtipp almost never. Who has time to group search words? It’s supposed to be quick.

Tip 7: File type search

The Nokia phone has crashed and you are looking for the user manual as PDF? Sometimes just adding the file type you are looking for does not lead to the right search hit so quickly. Better try the filetype command. This allows the precise search for file types.

When searching for the mobile phone manual, we enter filetype: pdf and the file type you are looking for is specified in more detail-namely as a PDF file.

Combined searches:

You probably remember tip 3 with the page search now? If not, memorize it. Combined with the search on the landing page, you can now search for the user manual on the Nokia page, for example. For example, you can find a mobile phone manual with the inputs filetype: pdf nokia 7.2 User Manual.

Combined searches sometimes pay off (c) Screenshot / PCtipp

Tip 8: Let Google explain something

Yes, Google can explain things to you. For whatever reason, you should always check Wikipedia. Google should be able to do that too.

With the code word define: you can always find an explanation for a specific technical term. Several pages are searched that have a definition exactly for the topic.

Example: define: Oculus Rift displays a definition and links to “Oculus Rift”.

Use the define function to find explanations for a keyword (c) more quickly Screenshot / PCtipp

Tip 9: View information about a website

If you are looking for information and links of a site, the operator “info:” will help. So, for example, look for information about PCtipp, type the parameters one. Google not only provides you with the link to the website, but also shows you the version stored in the Google cache, pages with similar content or pages that are on refer.

Example: Information about the website of PCtipp.

With Info: you get a lot of information about a website (c) Screenshot / PCtipp

Tip 10: Replace unfamiliar terms

Of course, if you are looking for a song text, it helps to know the title of the song. But you heard it somewhere at an event, but Shazam was not fast enough at hand-you know only fragments of a song text. The operator * helps. Just type in the words of the song lyrics you know and put * where you have gaps.

Of course, this also helps with quotes or proverbs.

The star serves as a placeholder for forgotten terms (c) Screenshot / PCtipp

Tip 11: Use voice search

Don’t feel like typing? Or you know how something is pronounced, but not how it is written? Whether it’s for these or other reasons that you prefer to use voice control: Of course, this is also possible with Google search. The device simply requires the Google Assistant and a micro.

In the Google mobile app, tap the microphone icon. Or say “OK, Google” to activate the Google Assistant.

The star serves as a placeholder for forgotten (c) Screenshot / PCtipp

Tip 12: Search for the weather

By entering a location plus the term weather, the search engine provides you with the current weather conditions.

Example: Zurich Wiedikon weather.

Google shows you the weather (c) Screenshot/PCtipp. ch

In the mobile app, if you are logged in with the Google account, a Sinneli symbol and the temperature appear in the upper left corner.

Tap it to see details.

The Google Weather Frog with information about the current weather situation (c) Screenshot/PCtipp. ch

This article was originally published on September 19, 2018 and was last updated on June 11, 2021.

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