How to master macro photography with iPhone 13 Pro

How to master macro photography with iPhone 13 Pro

The coolest new camera feature of the iPhone 13 is very easy to use. Nevertheless, we have an overview of the new function and a few starter tips for you. […]

Apple is always improving the cameras of its latest iPhone models, and, of course, the iPhone 13 Pro is no exception. It has a new 3x telephoto camera, a new larger wide-angle camera and an ultra-wide-angle camera with a much larger aperture. There are also new software tricks such as the photo styles and the movie mode.

But perhaps the best new camera trick is related to the new ultra-wide-angle camera, which now has a minimum focal length of only 2 centimeters. This means that you can take excellent macro shots with your iPhone, just right for anyone who takes pictures of flowers, beetles, jewelry, miniatures and much more.

Macro mode is only available on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max – the iPhone 13 and 13 mini don’t have the same ultra-wide–angle camera hardware – and is extremely easy to use.

Apple recently held a photo contest for macro mode, and as the results show, the photos can be really stunning – and you don’t need more than your iPhone 13 Pro for this. Here’s how to take macro photos with your iPhone 13 Pro (with the interface updates introduced in iOS 15.2).

Just go very close!

The easiest way to take a macro photo or video is this: just hold your iPhone very close to an object. That’s it. Just get closer.

You will notice a slight flicker when the view changes from the wide-angle camera to the ultra-wide-angle camera, but Apple will crop the image automatically so that the same field of view is maintained.

Since iOS 15.2, a small macro button in the form of a small yellow circle with a tulip icon can be seen in the lower corner of the view. This indicates that you are taking a macro shot. You can tap the button to disable the macro function and return to the standard wide-angle lens.

This automatic switching and the macro display button also work when shooting videos that are really fun and can give impressive results.

Switching macro control on and off

If you do not want the small macro button to appear, you can turn it off. Just open the “Settings” app, select “Camera” and then scroll down to the “Macro Control” switch. Disabling this feature will not prevent your iPhone from entering macro mode, it will only remove the manual option. True, the phone will still automatically switch to macro mode, but the small button in the view that allows you to disable macro mode will no longer appear.

Forcing the Ultra Wide angle view

When you hold your iPhone near a subject, it will automatically switch to ultra wide angle mode, but it will be cropped to get the same field of view as wide angle mode. However, if you want the super wide view, you can simply zoom out by clicking the (.5) tap in the camera view. This will use the full 122-degree field of view, and you can still get close to the subject.

Locking the camera for video recording

If you are shooting a video and moving very close to something, changing the camera can be a little uncomfortable. Under “Settings” > “Camera” > “Record video”, next to the options for frame rate, resolution, etc., you will find a switch with the inscription “Lock camera”. If this switch is activated, you will never change the lens during video recording: neither to the ultra-wide angle for macro shooting, nor to the telephoto lens when zooming in.

*Jason Cross has been writing professionally about technology for over 20 years. His goal is to find out how complicated technology works, and explain it in such a way that everyone understands it.

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