How to schedule your Mac to power off and on

How to schedule your Mac to power off and on

If you don’t want to have your Mac on all the time, you can reduce its uptime by scheduling. […]

macOS has a built-in scheduling tool for powering on, hibernating, starting, and shutting down, but you may have never used it before. You can find the “Schedule” tab in the System Settings > Energy Saving on desktop Macs and in the System Settings > Battery on Mac laptops. (In older versions of macOS, there is a “Schedule” button at the bottom of the “Energy Saving” tab).

Macs have many features to reduce the wear and tear of their internal components when not in active use. Hard drives are shut down, components are put into hibernation mode – a Mac laptop can even be put into a hibernation mode that consumes less energy than the normal hibernation mode.

However, turning off the Mac completely consumes less and less energy and causes less wear and tear than running electricity through it, especially for desktop devices that need to maintain a minimum current to restore their state from hibernation.

The “Schedule” option in “Battery” or “Power Saving” allows you to set a recurring timer for starting or waking up and shutting down or hibernating your Mac.

Even if you don’t want your Mac to shut down, you might want it to go to sleep without having to enter this mode when you leave the computer without it being configured to do so in the “Power” view (“Power Saving” settings panel) or in the “Battery and Power Adapter” view (“Battery” settings panel).

Apple only gives you the option to schedule two actions: a time to start or wake up, which will bring a Mac back to life, regardless of whether it is turned off or in hibernation, as well as hibernation, reboot or shutdown. You can choose to run the promotion daily, on weekdays, on weekends, or on a specific day of the week at a specific time. Unfortunately, you can not plan more complicated combinations of options, such as rebooting every Sunday evening and shutting down at 18 o’clock during the week.

*Glenn Fleishman is an editor at the sister publication Macwelt.

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