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The challenge of today’s Internet and television tourism is very limited. Before the start of the pandemic, these areas have evolved not particularly active as a real tourism will always be much more popular than virtual. Now, the tourist business is suffering losses in the trillions of dollars.

To somehow compensate for the financial losses of the industry this year, scientists have developed a new algorithm for video processing, which they described in the article of the journal Cell Patterns. It was called Direct stream with the real proportion of features (Live Streaming with Actual Proportionality of Objects, LAPO). Technology (team project) allows you to extract the video information on the size of objects, the distances and angles between them. Using this technology it is possible to build a virtual world that will change live in accordance with reality.

To create a virtual world, scientists propose to use the camera in the air, side by side with popular travel sites. To increase the granularity, the researchers propose to Supplement the video shooting with drone.

Now the technology is perfected and scientists are looking for investors and partners for making it in life. The authors plan to release a product to market this year to be able to offer to its tourist firms in the case of the beginning of a new wave of the pandemic.

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