HP brings Managed Print Pro Services for Hybrid Work Environments

HP bringt Managed Print Pro Services für hybride Arbeitsumgebungen

Print Services

Cloud-based subscription model increases flexibility and productivity

As part of HP Reinvent, HP Inc. HP Managed Print Pro presented. The new cloud-based Managed Print Service (MPS) subscription plan helps organizations optimize costs. At the same time, the new offering simplifies administration and increases productivity. In addition, the solution enables greater scalability. With HP Managed Print Pro, organizations are able to adapt to changing business needs.


  • Intelligent pricing from HP automatically adjusts every month, ensuring the cheapest price
  • Continuous sales with little effort for sales partners
  • Maximum productivity thanks to a secure, scalable solution for the home and office

Moving to the cloud allows customers and partners to choose the printers that best fit their needs. In this way, employees in the office or at home can be equipped quickly and effectively with the appropriate printing technology. HP’s intelligent pricing automatically adjusts each month, so customers don’t pay more than necessary and get the best cost option based on actual print volume and consumption.

The basic subscription also includes::

  • Automatic supply of consumables
  • Fault service with response within two hours and on-site support the next business day1
  • Terms of one year with automatic renewal possible
  • HP Roam2 so employees can print securely from anywhere
  • All printers are aggregated into one analytics dashboard and billed through a single contract
  • Uniform tariffs for black-and-white and colour printing3
  • Wolf Security Pack4 ensures that the devices are configured with the correct security settings

HP Managed Print Pro was announced at HP Reinvent 2021, HP’s global virtual partner event. The service offers sales partners a particularly attractive opportunity to better plan print sales and profits. The reason: The risk is significantly reduced by upfront sales for hardware, resale and commission options, add – on solutions and service subscriptions.


HP Managed Print Pro is currently being trialled with select resellers and customers in the US, UK and Germany and is expected to be widely available in spring 2022.

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