Hybrid Work needs high-performance broadband

Hybrid Work needs high-performance broadband


Three-quarters of the professionals surveyed for the Cisco Broadband Index believe that the broadband infrastructure must improve significantly so that working from anywhere is possible. […]

According to the latest Cisco Broadband index, people need access to the Internet more than ever before. A global survey of 60,000 working people in 30 countries shows that economic and social growth depends on universal access to fast and reliable Internet. The focus is on hybrid work. After all, almost half of the working population is dependent on the domestic Internet connection.

The ability to work flexibly from any place depends on the quality and availability of the Internet. Three quarters of the working people surveyed worldwide believe that the broadband infrastructure must improve significantly in order to enable the new location-independent way of working. 78 Percent say that the reliability and quality of broadband connections are important to them. After all, 84 percent generally use their private Internet connection for four hours or more every day. In 60 percent of households, three or four people use the Internet at the same time.

Good Internet connection is critical for the success of SMEs

Currently, almost half of the respondents use private Internet access professionally – i.e. remotely for their work as an employee or as a self-employed person. They depend on the speed, reliability and security of broadband to make a living. This applies in particular to the numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They do not have the same resources and IT infrastructures as corporations and have to rely on the connectivity provided by the publicly accessible Internet.

In order to meet the increased demands on their broadband connection, almost half (43%) of the respondents plan to upgrade their own Internet service in the next twelve months. More than half of those who work full-time remotely or hybrid are also willing to pay more for a better and more secure connection. This is the only way to access the company’s applications and data from any location.

Broadband as the key to education

Beyond current usage, optimal broadband access has far-reaching effects on society as a whole. Three out of four respondents are sure that access to a reliable, fast Internet is the basis for a well-educated population and future economic growth. As the key to a just future, everyone, regardless of their location, should have secure access to broadband Internet – 78 percent agree on this.

“Digital inclusion is a key factor for hybrid work – and thus our future working world. This is also confirmed by our recent Cisco Hybrid Work study: for 82.4% of Austrians, a faster Internet is the greatest wish for the workplace of the future1,“ says Hans Greiner, Managing Director of Cisco Austria. “What was normal before the pandemic is no longer good enough. In order for Hybrid Work to succeed and the digital divide in this country to be reduced, digital infrastructures must be expanded nationwide throughout Austria. We have to make sure that everyone has secure, affordable and fast Internet broadband access – no matter where that person is at home.”

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