Ikea: With charging pad, the smartphone is rechargeable by table

A Qi charger from the furniture manufacturer can be used to supplement a table with wireless charging technology. Sjömärke should be able to charge the mobile phone through the plate. […]

Ikea’s new Qi charger is called Sjömärke. With it, compatible devices such as the smartphone can be charged. Unlike other Qi chargers, however, you do not put the mobile phone directly on the charging pad. Sjömärke is fixed under the tabletop. In order for a mobile phone to be charged, it should be enough to put the smartphone on the table at this point.

The table top should be made of wood or plastic, the charger is attached to the bottom of the table with screws or tape. In addition, the furniture manufacturer recommends a minimum distance of 8 millimeters, such as heise.de reported. According to Ikea, the table top must be a maximum of 22 millimeters thick for the charging pad to work properly.

Qi charger SJÖMÄRKE (c) Ikea

Sjömärke measures 17.3 × 8.6 × 1.5 centimeters (L/W/H) and comes with a 1.8 meter long power cable. The charging pad is made of ABS plastic, the bottom of aluminum. The Qi charger is available for around 30 euros plus VAT. Delivery costs available. Sjömärke can be found on the German Ikea website and should already be available in some Ikea furniture stores.

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