In Death: Unchained releasing the update for free

In Death: Unchained releasing the update for free

Exclusive dynamic shooter with cutting edge graphics In Death: Unchained for the Oculus Quest 1/Quest 2 gets a December update with the new mode “Siege of Heaven”. The Supplement is a Horde mode where players defend against waves of enemies.

As weapon users use a bow and arrow. You must destroy the abandoned souls and the afterlife beings. Most of the VR content for the Oculus platform has a much better and elaborate detail. Feature VR-game In Death: Unchained is not only stunning visual, but three beautiful and procedurally generated worlds. In the game there are not only small mobs, but three bosses. The game is tailored for the Oculus Quest: players can dive into the universe In Death: Unchained without the limiting wires.

Studio Superbright promises that the free addition will be a fully featured game In Death: Unchained, mode shorter than the original, about 15 minutes. Thus, it is possible to fully concentrate on archery from a safe distance, to feel realistic mechanics and at the same time enjoy the beautiful graphics and visual effects.

Mode “Siege of heaven” will keep the difficulty level, and will include leaderboards, achievements and interesting tasks that can perform both beginners and experienced players.

Wojtek Podgorski, General Director of the team project, announces its intention to make the game balanced for veterans and new players for any age. Siege of Heaven will be released in the official store Quest 8 December 2020 for free.

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