In review: Synology RT6600ax

In review: Synology RT6600ax

Flat, black, strong: Synology’s WiFi-6 router RT6600ax makes lame networks legs – at least that’s what the manufacturer thinks. […]

The RT6600ax is intended for private users up to small offices. And rightly so. Because the network node not only has features such as a very high bandwidth or clever features that make it interesting for end users. It can also shine with NAS features and security functions in the SoHo environment (small office/home office).

In the packaging, in addition to the router, power supply unit for power supply and LAN cable, there was only a small leaflet for initial setup. That’s all there is. For this, the device lets its muscles play with the equipment: on the back, the network node with the dimensions of (17.5 × 32 × 20 cm, H × W × D, with antennas set up) offers a Gbit WAN port (for connecting a modem / Internet), three Gbit LAN ports, and as a special feature, a 2.5 GbE port with LAN / WAN functionalities, to which a NAS or a fast Internet connection can dock.

On the far left there is a USB 3.2 interface for connecting an external memory or printer. To the right of the LAN sockets, which are color-coded in yellow, there is an on / off switch and the reset button. On the side there is also a WPS and WLAN button with which radio traffic can be switched on or off.

At the front there are a total of seven LEDs that inform about the radio status as well as connected Gbit LAN sockets. All around, around the device itself, the manufacturer places a total of six antennas.

In addition to this very extensive equipment, the Wi-Fi 6 router also has a lot on the box in terms of speed: the network node works on a total of three bands: one on 2.4 GHz (600 Mbit / s) and two on the 5 GHz frequency band (4800 + 1200 Mbit / s). All in all, the RT6600ax achieves a data peak of 6.6 Gbit/s, while allowing a channel width of up to 160 MHz. This in turn, so much in advance, benefits the speed throughout the network.

Powerful functions

In addition to these listed connection options and available bandwidths, the software features of the Wi-Fi-6 model are also impressive: in addition to the classics such as guest network, parental control or a WLAN timer function, Synology’s RT6600ax can also be used to set up a mesh network and implement VPN access.

On the software side, the operating system Synology Router Manager (SRM) is the linchpin of the device. Here, for example, a media or VPN server can be set up, remote access via remote desktop or site-to-site tunneling can be “laid” or the management of the underlying network can be configured.

Especially those who need several separate networks here can let off steam with the RT6600ax: because the SRM provides users with up to five separate networks, which in turn can be assigned their own firewall, access rules and web filters. In short: Top. Beautifully rich: As applications, the manufacturer provides the Android / iOS apps DS Router (configuration, managing), “VPN Plus” (VPN access) and DS file (Filemanager).

Setup and speed

The network node can be set up according to a known scheme: first the router is connected to the PC via LAN cable, then to the address line of the browser “ ” enter. After that, the user gets access to the web interface, the SRM, and is picked up there by the setup wizard, which guides the user step by step through the commissioning.

If you like it via app, you can also do the setup via smartphone and the mini-tool “DS Router”. To do this, the significantly slimmed-down app is installed on the mobile device, and then followed the instructions. We opted for the classic version, with the initial installation taking just 10 minutes. After that, the RT6600ax was successfully integrated into our network.

Tempo, tempo: In our speed test, the router, which changes its owner for a price of 370 euros, literally showed what’s in it. With the help of the Oppo Find X5 smartphone, we have determined a maximum throughput – with direct visual contact – of 860 Mbit/s. At a distance of almost 20 meters and an intermediate wall, there were still 710 Mbit / s left. Even with a distance of three (open) floors and two intermediate doors, which corresponds to a distance of about 100 meters, we still came to a data rate of a strong 190 Mbit / s.

And the maximum range, which we determined under practical conditions (outdoor area of a house), also attracts attention with about 400 square meters. If the network node is centrally located in the house, its radio range should be sufficient to reach the house plus the outer close range (radius approx. 10 to max. 15 Meters) complete with high-speed network.


Synologys RT6600ax is a modern and versatile WiFi-6 router. The range and speed, the top equipment, easy operation and the app support should be highlighted.

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