In review: Western Digital Blue SN570 (1 TB)

In review: Western Digital Blue SN570 (1 TB)

The inexpensive built-in SSD in the test. […]

Western Digital is launching the SN570 model (8 × 2.2 × 0.2 cm, L × W × H), a powerful M.2-2280 SSD disk. Western Digital designs the SN570 series as a high-performance data carrier for upgrading old HDD systems as well as an upgrade option for existing, but too small memory. In addition to the disk itself, the manufacturer makes its SSD clone software “Acronis True Image for Western Digital” available to all buyers in order to transfer the entire contents of the existing disk / memory to the new SN570 one-to-one.

Technologically, the memory is based on the proven TLC 3D NAND technology, but does not have its own DRAM cache for caching the data. For this purpose, the data carrier uses the existing (slower) RAM in the PC – similar to what a graphics chip integrated in the processor does. The SN570 series itself is offered with a capacity of up to 2 terabytes. For the tested 1 terabyte variant, a gigabyte price of a fair 10.6 centimes results. The storage medium is connected via the PCI Express x4 interface in version 3.

Speed fits

The memory itself offers a maximum read speed of 3500 MB / s, its write speed is up to 3000 MB /s. In practice, a strong 3264 megabytes per second or 2881 MB / s remain in the AS benchmark for sequential read access in practice. During the practical test, in order to copy 10 GB of data to the memory, about 8 seconds are needed, which corresponds to a decent transfer speed of 1250 megabytes per second. The bottom line is that users benefit from the high speed when individual data, in particular videos, photos as well as songs, are quickly saved or called up. Important: The manufacturer gives a five-year warranty on its SSD series.


Western Digitals Blue SN570 (1 TB) is a great mainstream SSD. GB price and speed are well balanced. Important: Pay attention to the installation standard M.2 2280 when changing.

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