In review: Xgimi Horizon Pro

In review: Xgimi Horizon Pro

The Horizon series from the Chinese manufacturer Xgimi has made a name for itself in record time. The portable projectors are network-capable and project 4K content on screens of up to 300 inches. PCtipp took a look at the Horizon Pro. […]

The Xgimi Horizon Pro is worth a good 1700 euros. His little brother, the Xgimi Horizon, costs about 600 euros less – without a Pro. However, this is reflected in the image, connections and projection performance. But more on that later. If you are wondering how to pronounce “Xgimi”: “Ex-Tschi-Mi”.

The Horizon Pro comes in slim equipment: cable, power supply and remote control – that’s it, except an instruction manual. But what is there is extremely respectable (de gustibus non est disputandum). The projector feels very high-quality, with a black metal surface and a surrounding grille that covers the speakers on the side. At the top of the projector there are touch controls, which are very convenient to use, as well as two HDMI 2.0 ports for connecting streaming devices or consoles. There are also two USB ports, an RJ45 port and an optical port.

Connectors on the back of the Xgimi Horizon Pro (c)

With the masses of 20 × 21 × 13 centimeters and a weight of only 2.7 kilograms, the projector is quite compact and easily transported between different rooms. However, the power supply must not be forgotten – this is needed for power supply.

Also included is a remote control. This is also pretty, a brushed metal case with a good pressure point and one or two extra features such as the Google Assistant. On the back there is a button that opens the battery case – two triple-A batteries are required.

The setup is also very simple: if you want to use the Horizon Pro exclusively for streaming, you just need to connect the power cord and turn on the device: you don’t have to focus, because the projector automatically focuses as soon as you turn it on or move it by default. If you want to connect other video sources, you will find two HDMI 2.0 ports on the back. At the beginning, you only have to select the menu language once, then you can select the media source with the remote control and the arbor is ready.

Language selection in the setup menu of the Xgimi Horizon Pro (c)

The device also supports Android TV. The setup is a bit more cumbersome, as an Internet connection is required before you can log in with your Google account. Practical, however: the Horizon Pro has USB ports – you can connect a USB keyboard there, which eliminates the hassle of entering a Wi–Fi password via the remote control.

Image and sound quality

The hobby horse of the Horizon Pro is clearly high-quality 4K HDR content. These look great – a detailed, almost cinematic picture with a good screen.

Short-range image projection (c)

In addition, the projector is able to maintain the image quality by means of good brightness control, even if foreign light sources are added. This, despite the 2200 lumens, which the manufacturer indicates as a brightness value. Nevertheless, darkness is, of course, trump card. The upscaling of FHD content also works quite well – however, the more the resolution of the original image material decreases, the more the projection quality decreases. Even the brightness control is not able to completely compensate for this. We also liked not only the distance over which the projector is able to provide a clear image, but also the quick adaptation to changed distances – within fractions of a second the image is sharp again, even at very short distances of half a meter away from the wall.

The built-in speakers on the Horizon Pro are by Harman Kardon. The sound quality is perfectly fine to decent for a movie night. Both volume and quality are convincing overall – although a soundbar is also worthwhile here, because Dolby Atmos and the like are not used here and corresponding certificates are also missing in the visual area (HDR10 + or Dolby Vision).


Android TV support, simple plug and play principle, portability, autofocus – pretty good features. The images are sharp, bright and color-intensive (with high-quality source material). The implemented sound solution can also be seen or heard. Overall, a successful device.

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