In the test: Netgear Orbi Pro WiFi 6 (AX6000)

In the test: Netgear Orbi Pro WiFi 6 (AX6000)


With the Orbi Pro, Netgear promises best Wi-Fi-6 performance for SMEs, VLAN management and up to 4 SSIDs for separate but secure networks. What is in the 800 francs noble router? PCtipp tests. […]

More and more router manufacturers are not just starting to use the new, simplified Wi-Fi designations-Wi – Fi 6 instead of IEEE 802.11 AX, for example. This makes it easier for laypeople when buying routers to see exactly what they are buying there. But not only that: there are also existing AX models that are now branded so that newer models are not already left behind because customers do not understand the link between the old and new designations. So also with the current Netgear Orbi Pro.


Yes, this is striking – the basic model of the Orbi Pro costs around 800 francs. To give customers the choice of how many access points they need, Netgear often provides a basic model and then offers additional satellites to expand the network as they wish.

So here too: We test the dual bundle with router and a satellite module. Alternatively, there are also sets with three elements to buy. In contrast to our set for 789 francs, the trio then hits the mark with around 1100.

Design and Features

The new Netgear Orbi Pro WiFi 6 is similar in many ways to its predecessors and has the characteristics of previous Orbi devices. As already mentioned above, the Orbi Pro consists of a module called a router and a so-called satellite. However, since neither element contains a modem, a separate cable or ADSL broadband connection is necessarily required for each use.

There are two ways in which these modules can be used, depending on the wired infrastructure present in the building. If a network already exists, the router can use it to connect to the satellite module to connect the networks. If not, the two can establish a direct, wireless connection to enable the data flow.

The router should be connected directly to the network via a WAN port. It also has four Gigabit Lan ports to connect to a server, local computers or other satellites.

To the optics: The modules are not exactly small. They require space and stand out, even if Netgear has dispensed with optics with external antennas, overly colored LEDs or special shapes. Also included are wall brackets, if they can not be accommodated anywhere else – in an office, for which this router model is intended, cables can usually not be crisscrossed.

In total, the basic set of the AX6000 can cover up to 525 square meters with Wi-Fi 6 (velvet mesh). The coverage can be extended to 1200 square meters by adding additional satellites to the system.

But the most important feature is the parallel connections between the set and the devices. More than 60 devices should be able to be wired or connected and operated via Wi-Fi.


Attention, tripping. Setting up with the Orbi app did not work in the test. As it turns out, to set up the device we need the Netgear Insight app. Free download Account and go to the’Setup is described step by step and “idiot-proof”. The satellite can then be set up – we recommend a firmware update check right at the beginning. One of these was available in our test run. Then you can make the detail settings via the app or of course via the browser.


When testing with a Wi-Fi-6-enabled client, speeds of over 800 Mbps were possible near the router – and even with older clients without Wi-Fi-6 support, pretty quick results looked out-by the way, even with longer distances and different floors with several walls and doors in between. Despite a certain drop in performance at a greater distance and partitions, the speed did not collapse as one still knew that of AC routers. The satellite is advantageously placed as far away as possible from the router itself – thus the power loss, which could possibly arise through walls, is reduced even more. In addition, the devices in the test were also able to seamlessly switch between connections while moving around the building. With the AX standard and the satellite set up, the performance has also stabilized when noticeably more devices have been connected to the WLAN.

However, it is pointless to give exact figures. Performance depends on buildings, number of active users, server infrastructure, Internet connection and so on.


In short, the Orbi Pro AX6000 is a poster child for how Wi-Fi 6 should work on a mesh solution. The performance is excellent – but also has its price.

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