Internet even on the Orkney Islands?

Internet even on the Orkney Islands?

Orkney… what/where? Even if you don’t know the exact location of the Orkney Islands, it sounds like a very remote place, don’t you think? […]

In fact, a car trip from Vienna to the Orkney Islands would take more than 24 hours and cross seven countries. That’s something, isn’t it? To put an end to the guesswork: the Orkney Islands are located in the far north of the UK and belong to Scotland. Although they consist of about 70 individual islands, only 20 of them are inhabited. The population is 22,055 inhabitants. (Source: Eurostat).

No internet on Orkney?

Unfortunately, in remote areas such as the Orkney Islands, Internet connection can become a real problem for their residents. “For years, my internet came through a router and an Ethernet cable, and although it was amazingly fast at first, because I live here at the end of the line, it became slower and more unreliable over time, ” recalls Debbie, who has been living in the Orkney Islands for several years. As we all know, the COVID19 pandemic led to a significant additional load on the Internet connection structure, which affected both the speed and stability of the Internet. The Internet connection is very important not only for working from home, but also for contact with family and friends. “Business paperwork, studying at home or even trying to send regular emails was often impossible. As for the participation in video calls… I could completely forget about that. Even downloading or uploading larger data was practically not feasible“” explains Debbie.

turning point

-in your case, it was your little daughter. “I was fed up with the situation, especially because of my little daughter, who wanted to play games and watch videos online, as well as use other features. The only way to get good Internet access here on the islands was to install satellite broadband access,“ says Debbie. After extensive research, she came across Konnect’s offer. “The actual installation went smoothly, and I was online in no time. I am very satisfied with the service, and glad that I chose Konnect. Konnect has fundamentally changed our lives and clearly for the better. I can now easily do everything I need or want online,“ Debbie summarizes.
High-quality broadband Internet access should be available to everyone, regardless of their location. This is the promise of satellite internet. This is the commitment of Konnect.

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