Interos: Over 135,000 suppliers could be affected by Log4j

Angriffe auf die Software-Lieferketten in der Cloud verschärfen Bedrohungslage für Unternehmen

Supply Chain Security – Log4j

Data from Interos , a company that ensures the operational resilience of the supply chain, shows that more than 135,000 suppliers in their customers’ supply chains alone could be affected by the Log4j vulnerability. This could affect a wide range of industries and regions.

Thomas Tack, Director Northern Europe of Interos

Thomas Tack, Director Northern Europe of Interos , commented:

“Log4j has shown that companies with a poor cyber or financial history may not respond appropriately to such violations. For example, the patches and upgrades that the cybersecurity community has developed to close this vulnerability are of little use if a company does not use them. Some companies may not have the necessary cyber expertise or financial resources to meet these requirements, putting them at increased risk of disruption.

To respond to these threats, companies need a 360-degree view of their entire supply chain, including the cybersecurity resilience of their suppliers. AI-supported solutions are therefore essential to deliver this level of detail in real time. With this information, companies can better understand the risks to which their suppliers are exposed. Based on the risk profile, these companies can change their suppliers, ask them to better manage these risks or accept the inherent risk.

Even if it is impossible to foresee such a vulnerability, suppliers should still be able to withstand the attack, make the necessary upgrades and continue operations.“

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