Into The Darkness is the successor Boneworks

Into The Darkness – VR is a novelty in the genre of indie Studio Cosmos Game. The outsourcing developers will take the game to adventure in futuristic future with elements of puzzle and combat. Wei visibility, the Studio was inspired by a project Boneworks, and uses realistic physics system.


In the near future, mankind is going to get a long-awaited immortality through the transfer of consciousness to machines. However, the choice of transhumanism – a very dangerous road that may be complicated right up to the tragedy. You will play Frank, went to the research center to find out what happened with the previous agents, and why was interrupted contact with research institutes. To reach the end and find out the truth, will have to solve many puzzles to engage in mortal combat with the enemy and enjoy a dark, mysterious atmosphere of the game.


This title was developed from scratch as game of virtual reality, with sophisticated physics of the real world. Players can freely interact with the virtual environment as they want. In the trailer clearly shows the physical system, but also to the end of the video, you notice the gravity gloves similar to half-Life: Alyx.

Into The Darkness: VR announced on the official page on Steam planned release date set for the second quarter of this year.

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