iOS 16 is coming – but not on all iPhones

iOS 16 is coming – but not on all iPhones

In the summer, the latest version of Apple’s operating system is traditionally presented. Some older iPhone models are likely to look into the tube again.

When Apple’s developer conference takes place in June, the focus is usually on the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system iOS – whether there are new MacBooks or not. And the question then also applies: on which devices will it still be offered? In fairness, it must be said: Apple supports its traditionally expensive devices for a very long time after all. Although Android manufacturers such as Samsung are catching up, Apple has not yet been caught up in this regard.

And while blogs outdo each other with rumors about features of iOS 16 and tap into all their “trusted sources”, the blog (at least to me) still came relatively unknown with the rumor that some iPhone models will again fall by the wayside.

A rumor that makes perfect sense, but in recent years some older devices have always been unable to enjoy the latest system update. Apart from Apple’s monetary intentions – and we don’t have to fool ourselves – it also makes sense to stop equipping an iPhone with the latest iOS if the device no longer meets all the requirements for iOS16 on the hardware side – be it in terms of features or simply with regard to outdated hardware.

While the iPhone 6 landed on the list of vintage devices for iOS 15, this year it was the iPhone 6s (including its big brother 6s+) as well as the first-generation iPhone SE.

The 6s series dates from 2015, the SE from 2016, so they are 6 and 7 years old, respectively. However, we will probably only find out in June whether this is correct and what it looks like with security updates.

There may be a grace period of one year (with security update) before the devices are retired at the age of 7 or 8.

*Florian Bodoky is a neo Apple user, audio enthusiast, PCtipp YouTuber, tech bargain hunter and coffee machine overachiever

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