IoT solution supports sustainable agriculture

IoT solution supports sustainable agriculture

A novel IoT solution from IoT-Systems, a specialized subsidiary of KaWa commerce, saves the fruit blossom, saves costs and at the same time promotes sustainability in agriculture. The IoT solution uses LoRaWAN and runs on the AWS Cloud. […]

Spring: temperatures are rising and nature is coming back to life. Young plants sprout everywhere and the trees drive their flowers from the buds. Sudden temperature drops, as they can be quite common in the spring, pose a danger to these tender plants and shoots, which can lead to serious failures in the harvest. Stone fruit is particularly affected by this, such as the apricot, which is very popular in Austria.

Whether in dumplings, cakes, or compotes, the areas of application of apricots are diverse. Every year, the quality of the popular fruit is discussed in detail, and crop failures are often a big media topic.

Farmers counter the risk of a temperature drop, also called late frost, as a precaution with paraffin candles, which are ignited and thus slightly raise the ambient temperature, which protects the plants. The costs for this are correspondingly high: a single evening can cost up to 3,000 euros per hectare. The hail insurance estimated the damage in Austrian fruit growing last year at around 35 million euros.

Efficient protection with climate sensors

Using climate sensors and the IoT solution “IoT-Watch”, innovative farmers can now meet this challenge more efficiently. The IoT solution analyzes the data and calculates a temperature forecast, or issues a frost warning. The sensor data is transmitted via LoRaWAN, a radio network for IoT applications. The highlight: The sensors used can be operated for up to ten years without changing the battery, which significantly reduces the maintenance effort.

“Together with our innovative partners such as KaWa commerce and
its subsidiary IoT-Systems, we are always working on new possibilities,
to support our customers in their business“” explains Jochen Walter, Head of Software Vendor (ISV) Business for the DACH region at Amazon Web Services (AWS). (c) AWS

In this way, apricot farmers, for example, can act more in line with demand. They light the paraffin candles only when IoT-Watch reports a frost alarm. The big advantage is that this not only saves costs, but also prevents the waste of valuable resources, because paraffin is only used more in agriculture when it is really necessary.

“The field of application for our new solution is very large and certainly not yet exhausted. Even in other agricultural areas, such as viticulture, the use already leads to lower costs, higher yields, and a more sustainable agriculture. In addition to temperature sensors, it can also be, for example, the monitoring of irrigation,“ explains Walter Huber from KaWa commerce, an AWS partner whose subsidiary is IoT-Systems.

The IoT solution from KaWa commerce runs on the AWS cloud and uses services such as IoT-Core, IoT-Event, IoT-Analytics, IoT-Device Management.

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