ipad mini: why Apple doesn’t fix shaky scrolling

ipad mini: why Apple doesn't fix shaky scrolling

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The iPad mini and its Liquid Retina redesign may have been the best product to emerge from Apple’s Californian streaming event, but some early adopters report experiencing the so-called “jelly effect” when scrolling, where one page scrolls a tiny bit faster than the other, giving the appearance of a wobble.

Unfortunately, in a response to Ars Technica, Apple explains that this is a “normal” behavior and that the problem will not be resolved under warranty.  Since the iPad mini has an LCD display and does not update line by line, there is a tiny delay between updating the lines at the top of the screen and the lines at the bottom, according to Apple, which can cause uneven scrolling. Apple also declined to repair 2018 iPad Pro models that were reportedly bent during production.

On Apple’s other LCD screens, this problem does not seem to occur, even on the fifth-generation iPad mini. Numerous testers have found that although the screen effect is very subtle, it occurs when scrolling through text and is most clearly seen in portrait mode.

Now we may have a reason for this. In the teardown of the iPad mini, iFixit noticed that the control board is mounted vertically, while the iPad Air and other iPads have a horizontally mounted board. iFixit believes that when scrolling parallel to the direction in which the display is updated, the effect is much less noticeable, because the text is not divided.

That is also the reason why Apple will not fix the problem, at least not by replacing the display. We have already seen this problem on other Android phones and it can usually be fixed by a software fix, but this is another problem. Apple may be able to smooth the effect a bit with future software updates, but by and large it’s unlikely to get much better.

Along with the new display, the iPad mini has received a complete makeover, with a new design, an A15 processor, improved cameras, 5G and a power button with Touch ID. It is available in four colors – space gray, Pink, Purple and Starlight – and costs 549 euros with 64 GB of storage or 719 euros for 256 GB of storage.

As with all problems with Apple devices, you should contact Apple if you have this problem.

*Michael Simon reports on Apple since the iPod was the iWalk. His obsession with technology goes back to his first PC – the IBM Thinkpad with the hinged keyboard to replace the drive. He’s still waiting for this to come back into fashion, to be honest.

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