Is expected to continue Half-Life: Alyx?

Is expected to continue Half-Life: Alyx?

It became known that Valve is working on a project asymmetric game called “Citadel”. It is expected that the game will be cross-platform, so PC players and the owners of VR headsets to play together.

Tyler Macvicar leading Valve News Network, has extensive connections. He reported on the release of the game virtual reality with Alyx Vance, before the first official announcement by Valve. Macvicar according to a video on Youtube about a new project Valve “Citadel”.

In 2018 in the code of one of the updates Dota 2 found the files confirming the existence of the aforementioned project. Since there was no information regarding Citadel. According to Macvicar, it could be due to the revision Half-Life: Alyx.

However, closer to release Alyx, by the spring of 2020, again there was a leak of the new design files Citadel. The new part will include multiplayer, but also contains a campaign mode with a story for one player. Is unclear in light of what will be presented multiplayer mode is as cooperative or as a competitive game, and how many users can participate simultaneously.

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