IT Centralization: The Right Time to Implement New Technology

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Centralized IT has become an attractive option for many companies, e.g. to simplify administrative tasks, save costs and thus achieve corporate goals efficiently. However, the success of centralization initiatives depends heavily on process design.

Ash Finnegan, Digital Transformation Officer at Conga, comments:

Ash Finnegan, Digital Transformation Officer at Conga

“Most companies are trying to quickly adopt a breakthrough technology without having an exact idea of how it will improve their services or operations or unify their systems. However, with this approach, IT centralization projects rarely succeed.

Every business transformation should focus on integrating systems and streamlining processes in order to identify overly complicated processes or bottlenecks and review each phase of the operating cycle. This requires an appropriate structuring of all data over the entire business cycle. If there is a transparent structure, managers can set clear business goals based on it and determine what a particular technology is best suited for and how IT centralization can benefit their company. Only then is an implementation meaningful and expedient.”

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