IT security in times of increased threat situation

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Safe in times of uncertainty

Why there is no way around MFA

Although it is widely known that cyber security is not a new topic, it is still treated half–heartedly by many – private users and also companies. Unfortunately, crisis situations are often necessary to bring security on the internet back into the general memory.
With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the topic of cybersecurity and related hacker attacks have also become the focus of coverage, which is why more and more people are currently thinking about how to adequately secure themselves and their digital identity. German companies also seem to be sensitized in view of the current developments. For example, a recent survey by the Bitkom association shows that 67 percent of digital companies in Germany assume that the threat situation in the field of IT security will worsen and 17 percent already see concrete signs of increased attacks.

In the course of this, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) strongly pointed out the importance of two-factor and multifactor authentication (2FA / MFA) on its website last week. The BSI is thus taking up a trend that has been observed for some time, but which is also gaining in relevance due to the increased threat situation – because a secure online identity is essential. But not only for private users, but especially for companies, the current situation poses a serious threat. More and more companies are relying on zero trust in their IT security strategy and thus on the model that, in principle, does not trust any device or user inside and outside their own network. This requires a secure multifactor authentication method, which can best be implemented with a hardware-based security key that enables such a secure MFA, because the classic MFA methods such as one-time passwords (OTP) or verification by apps are still vulnerable to phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. This is currently demonstrated by the attack of the hacker group Lapsus$, who were able to penetrate corporate networks through compromised 2FA.

Alexander Koch, VP Sales EMEA

“The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the threatening situation associated with it in terms of hacker attacks is raising awareness among the population and also among companies to do more for their cybersecurity,” he said Alexander Koch, VP Sales EMEA, Yubico . “Multi-factor authentication with a hardware security key is one of the safest methods to quickly and efficiently upgrade a company’s security strategy. IT teams can thus specifically secure the first point of attack in the corporate network – the identity.“

Identity is increasingly becoming the new perimeter when it comes to a successful IT security strategy, because in the majority of cases, compromised logins and accounts serve as a gateway for a cyber attack. The easiest way to protect them is to use multifactor authentication. Modern hardware security keys with FIDO2 support are an effective solution to secure your online identity or corporate networks and can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. The MFA not only protects us and our data, but is essential in view of the tense threat situation.

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