IT security: The world of work is facing these challenges

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A challenge for the IT security of the future working world

Numerous companies have opened up to the working model of the home office or at least partially enabled their employees to work remotely. These newly introduced workplace variants will not disappear again and therefore pose great challenges for the future working world, especially with regard to IT security.

Restrictions fall, home office remains

Many of the restrictions necessary due to infection protection have now been lifted and workers are returning to their offices. However, most companies will continue to offer their employees the activity models that are now popular. Probably the biggest challenge in the home office is to develop an IT shield that covers all workplaces.

This requires holistic systems that not only protect the actual location of the company and the existing network from professional cybercriminals. In addition, the task of these systems is to secure the connections between the corporate network and hardware and software in the home office in such a way that the data, information and communication running through them is shielded in the best possible way.

Efficient password management system as a solution approach

An important component in the field of IT security is a password that is as strong as possible. Weak, easy-to-find passwords are an invitation to hackers. How an easy-to-use and at the same time very efficient software solution can look like is shown by the company MATESO developed password Manager or the enterprise security solution called Passwordsafe. MATESO is a company specializing in IT security solutions for a wide variety of industries.

An efficient password management system takes over various tasks and relieves employees of the often cumbersome and not always very simple search for new passwords. A Password Manager can be adapted to the size of the company (for example, with a changing number of jobs). Such a system is therefore scalable.

In order to ensure the highest possible password protection, a password manager automatically generates strong passwords. In addition, it is able to reset them if necessary, manage them and secure them with features such as sealing function or privacy screen. Password management systems are also able to set and monitor password policies that are precisely tailored to a company or department.

Software solutions such as those developed by MATESO also offer password-free login, API connections, independent password recognition and HSM integrations (Hardware Security Module), with the help of which a server key can be outsourced to a so-called hardware security module and additionally secured.

Opportunities & Risks of digitalization and networking

Digitization is progressing in all areas of life and digital processes are increasingly being used, especially in the economy. At the same time, the entire world is becoming more and more closely interconnected. As a result of these developments, opportunities and risks arise.

Networking means that it is possible to contact more and more individuals or companies via an increasing number of interfaces and enables the processing of an increasing number of interactions in an ever shorter time, but the interfaces used for this are also gateways for cybercriminals .

Digitization and automation also offer opportunities and disadvantages at the same time. The number of digitally controlled and automated processes is increasing. Technical systems and company-owned networks form the basis. Both are repeatedly shown to be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Therefore, they must be protected by efficient backup instruments.

One solution for securing the company’s own networks is the development of comprehensive IT security architectures by the IT departments. Such a security concept includes firewalls, access authorization and authentication procedures as well as password management systems. It is important to use all the possibilities with which sensitive data and information, as well as communication, can be secured as efficiently as possible. By the way, an efficient IT security concept also includes the regular training of employees regarding the possible dangers

Digital solutions for a secure, future workplace

The corona pandemic has led to changes that have created challenges. Creative companies with innovative solutions, such as MATESO GmbH, contribute with their software solutions to making the workplace of the future significantly more secure in terms of cyber security and successfully fending off possible attacks on the IT infrastructure.

The main focus of the efforts is the financial sector. For him, new digital processes according to the KYC principle (Know Your Customer) are urgently needed. Germany is considered a hotspot for start-ups and innovative companies are founded almost every day that develop new technologies and safe procedures. Many of these new developments take into account the area of IT security and thus ensure that the economy as a whole and each individual workplace are significantly safer.

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