JavaScript Framework: GitHub is Electron 12-free

GitHub has introduced Version 12 of the JavaScript Frameworks such as Electron. The changes are manageable. Breaking Changes there are, nevertheless,.

Electron 12 performs internally, the Update of node.js 12 to 14, and brings a new API, which appears to be particularly the case for the outstaffing developers of Electron-extensions as called. With the new web framework-API, developers can access in the main process, and not only when rendering to web content. This facilitates the Testing of extensions immensely and was also in this context, an Extension Developer as absent noticed. The new API is already provided with documentation.

New default values, new and changed APIs

Electron 12 bolted to various interfaces and extends the capabilities of the API release. The default values of the context of the insulation and the world safe execute JavaScript uses Electron in Version 12 from previous “false” to “true”. These are two of the several Breaking Changes, so Changes are so that they can make an existing Software running incapable, if the Changes make the changes required are not incorporated explicitly. Change default values in various other Places.

Who has been set on the Remote module, you should be using @electron/remote. The Migration is described here. Obviously has removed GitHub, the Flash-Support Electron.

Another Change resulting from the Chromium Roadmap. Since Version 87 Chromium requires an x86 processor with support for the SSE3 instruction set. This is given in the case of all modern computers. Who, however, still has a 15-year-old putting the devices into operation, could see the Chromium-Start, an error message. Electron 12 draws right here and now. It also comes with Changes to the Stack and now supports V8 in Version 8.9, as well as Chromium 89.

Tip: for those Who need a Browser for his old sweetheart, can for the time being, rely on Firefox. The Browser requires SSE2 Support.

A number of Breaking Changes relate to the presentation. The interfaces for the browser window, and Apps get a number of Changes. The concern about the Rendering process and the response of different Display sizes. In addition, Electron 12 introduces a Tablet mode for the browser window and brings adjustments to the Refresh Rate of the Windows. Extensions is much easier to reload and can be equipped with access to the file.

So you come to Electron 12

In a detailed blog post, the developers explain all the Changes. Electron 12.0 can be downloaded on the project Website. First impressions of the roadmap for the next major version 13.0 are also available.

With the launch of Version 12 of the Electron framework, GitHub is the Support for Electron 9. Users of the Old Version should now seriously consider an Update in the recital.

By the way: Several well-known Desktop applications are based on Electron. Including Discord and Skype, but also editors such as Atom and Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code.

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