Javascript: Github does Node.js package Manager NPM

Especially for Javascript outstaffing developers important Node.js package Manager NPM is now a part of Github. The platform to the code of administrative assured that NPM will still be available free of charge.

Almost two years ago, the software giant Microsoft had announced to acquire Github for US $ 7.5 billion. Now Github has announced a pending Acquisition. The administrative Code specialized platform for grabs, therefore the Node.js package Manager NPM (earlier: the Node Package Manager). The provider is considered to be critical for the Javascript world, and now belongs to Microsoft. The sale price is not expressed Github.

Github: needs Javascript developers breastfeeding

NPM has its own information, after a good ten years after its founding, over 1.3 million packages and comes on a monthly basis to around 75 billion Downloads of twelve million developers. Github CEO Nat Friedman stated that the NPM have helped to make Javascript become the largest developer Ecosystem in the world. Now, Github wants to be the package Manager helps to satisfy the needs of the fast-growing Javascript community of developers.

According to Friedman, was also the promise that NPM for those who have access daily to the public NPM Registry, would continue to remain available, and always free of charge. After the completion of the Acquisition of Github intention to invest in the Registry infrastructure and platform, in order to ensure that NPM is fast, reliable and scalable. In addition, the company wants to go to the NPM-users to ask for ideas and support for other NPM future.

More safety: Github plans to integrate NPM

In addition, the user experience should be improved. The Work of the NPM-v7-CLI should be continued. These will stay free and Open-Source, so Friedman. The Workspaces will continue to work. Improvements should also provide for the Multi-factor authentication. Not surprisingly, Github and NPM to be closely linked. The focus is on the issue of security in the Open Source environment.

NPM-founder Isaac Z. Schlueter said, he sees the Acquisition as an opportunity to be able to with more time and resources, as well as less Stress is put things, of which he could only dream of. There are good reasons to believe that now everything will be better. Finally, NPM have now not only the largest community of developers in the world, but also one of the largest corporations in the world.

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