JavaScript: The were the most popular Tools and Frameworks 2019

We tell you what are the Frameworks and Tools 2019 arrived well for JavaScript developers.

Since 2016, the developers of Michael Rambeau, what Frameworks and Tools in JavaScript determined developers are particularly popular. With “2019 Javascript Rising Stars” was published in the latest edition of the annual evaluation. As a data basis of the number of stars, the Frameworks, editors, or other JavaScript-have Tools in the past twelve months, on GitHub.

Vue.js already for the fourth Time in a row, the most popular JavaScript project on GitHub. React, it was found in 2018, number 2, must be content now with the third place behind Visual Studio Code. Clear Vue Element Admin is a front-end solution for Admin Interfaces is ascended. The project jumped from ninth place in the year 2018 on the fourth place. Newcomer of the year, however, is Svelte: The fifth of the most starred JavaScript was placed in the previous year, not even in the Top 50 projects on GitHub.

The most popular front-end Frameworks in 2019

Also in the area of front-end Frameworks, the current Run is shown on Svelte: The Software in this category 3rd place and displace in order for Angular to 4th place. On the first two places, nothing will change, however, place 1 to continue Vue.js and behind it, React as follows. Omi comes as 2018 to 5th place.

The most popular front-end Frameworks: Svelte, the newcomer 2019 was. (Screenshot:

The most popular front-end Frameworks: Svelte, the newcomer 2019 was. (Screenshot:

In the case of the Node.js-Frameworks pulls the Nest to the top. In 2018, Nest was still in 3rd place. The former Champion of this category, Next.js must settle for second place. It Strapi, Nuxt, and Express the consequences.

JavaScript 2019: The were the most popular Build Tools and compilers

2019 moved Webpack to the Parcel over to the new GitHub-stars is the most popular JavaScript Build Tool. However, the category of clubs in General, significantly fewer stars than in 2018. Place 3 as in the previous year to Rollup. Gulp needs to make micro bundle space, and falls back to fifth place.

Build Tools: Webpack passing the Parcel.(Screenshot:

Build Tools: Webpack passing the Parcel. (Screenshot:

Among the four most popular compilers has done since 2018 nothing. The list is still dominated by a clear distance of TypeScript. It Babel, Flow, and Reason to follow. Only on the fifth place, there was movement: 2019 pure script was supplanted by Sucrase.

Mobile development with JavaScript: React Native remains of the King

The development of Mobile Apps, JavaScript-based, then there is no way around to React Native, at least according to the number of newly added GitHub star. On the places behind it, but there is definitely movement: 4th place occupied now Quasar. The 2015 first team project presented was a 2018 4th place. Also Ionic in the favor of the developer and rose from place to place 3. Place 4 and 5 show, Expo or Cube-ui.

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