Joint Tilt Brush: multiplayer out on the Oculus Quest!

Joint Tilt Brush: multiplayer out on the Oculus Quest!

Recently Google announced that now app for artists Tilt Brush has an open source code. This prompted a supporter developers Rendever the idea to add a multiplayer mode in Tilt Brush. Multibrush is available for free on Oculus Quest. You can download it from SideQuest, and soon mode will publish on the App Lab.

Tilt Brush is a universal game virtual reality for adults and children. It is possible to simultaneously relax and strain the brain, to come up with their own artistic masterpiece. Drawing in VR is available on almost all platforms. In the app you can choose a ready-made 3D-illustration from professionals or to play with colors and brushes, creating its own Universe.

Now in multiplayer mode Multibrush players are given the opportunity to outstaffing work together. On one server, users have access to voice chat and the same set of tools. Unfortunately, avatars as such do not have the realism, You will see a schematic VR-helmet partner, simplified controllers and nickname.

Revender explain: “This is our first attempt at implementing the source code. Some things might not work properly, and we are still introducing some of the tools in multiplayer rooms”.

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