Kaseya hack: Cyberattacks as a political tool of power?

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Kaseya Hack Ransomware

Attack by Russian hacker group REvil shuts down IT systems worldwide

By Morgan Wright, Chief Security Advisor at SentinelOne

Morgan Wright, Senior Security Advisor at SentinelOne

Again and again, cyber attacks paralyze systems – after oil pipelines and a meat company, Kaseya, a large IT service provider, was hit this weekend, and once again it looks as if the hackers came from Russia. According to current information, the REvil group is responsible for the attack on Kaseya, the same Russian hacker group that is also blamed for the ransomware attack on the food manufacturer JBS. The extortionists are now demanding a $ 70 million ransom to undo the encryption of the data.

While Kaseya is mainly active in the US, the attack also seems to have an impact on German companies. A German IT service provider contacted the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) on Sunday and also reports an attack on its systems that affects thousands of computers in several German companies. Furthermore, it cannot be ruled out that other companies could also experience problems in the next few days with the start of the working week.

Cyberattacks as a means of political power

This is another example of how cyberattacks have become instruments of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation. We have seen similar incidents in the past. A prime example is the shutdown of the power grid in Ukraine on 23 December 2015 as a result of the country’s vote to change its status to an allied nation exactly one year earlier in order to join NATO.

Anyone who is believed to be disrespecting, insulting or threatening Russia will now become a potential target. It is reasonable to assume that the attack on Kaseya follows a similar pattern. The planned sanctions by the European Union and the United States against Russia and its close military partner Belarus now provide the necessary pretext to launch offensive cyber operations against Western interests. As long as there are limited or ineffective consequences for attacks like this, Russia will continue its campaigns against anyone who dares to mess with the country.

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