Keeper Security Announces Keeper Connection Manager

Keeper Security Announces Keeper Connection Manager

The provider of zero trust and zero knowledge cybersecurity software, Keeper Security, launches the remote access gateway Keeper Connection Manager (KCM). The new product enables DevOps and IT teams to easily and highly secure access to RDP, SSH, VNC, MySQL and Kubernetes endpoints via any web browser. […]

The Keeper Connection Manager (KCM) increases security by providing companies with zero trust remote access to the IT infrastructure without the need for client or agent software. It also offers features such as least privilege access, role-based access control (RBAC) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). The KCM is the further development of the former Glyptodon Enterprise platform, which Keeper further developed after the acquisition of Glyptodon.

“In today’s highly distributed world, companies need a secure, reliable and easy way for their teams to connect to servers in the cloud, applications behind the firewall or desktop applications from anywhere,” says Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder of Keeper Security, describing the situation. “The Keeper Connection Manager increases security by enabling organizations to introduce zero-trust remote access for their distributed employees, giving them granular visibility and control over all intended endpoints.“

The new product expands the Keeper security portfolio and supports several use cases, including:

  • remote access to the infrastructure for IT teams connecting to databases, SSH and Kubernetes nodes (container implementations
  • privileged Access Management (PAM) with the ability to record sessions and auditability
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) replacement with zero trust access to systems based on the least privilege principle
  • the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for distributed teams that need to use centralized applications and data

The addition of the Keeper Connection Manager to the Keeper Cybersecurity platform provides companies with modern privileged access management that protects every user on every device throughout the company. The Keeper cybersecurity platform now includes the Keeper Connection Manager (KCM), the Keeper Enterprise Password Manager (EPM) and the Keeper Secrets Manager (KSM).

Agentless, secure and passwordless access to remote systems

The KCM is integrated into the Keeper Vault and enables passwordless access to the remote infrastructure. Users can be authenticated using several factors, including FIDO 2 hardware keys and biometric data. Credentials are centrally managed by role-based Access control (RBAC) policies, never disclosed, and protected by a zero-knowledge security architecture.

Connecting to a remote system requires only one click and one second, as the credentials (i.e. SSH keys) are securely provided by the Keeper Vault. This gives the user a privileged remote connection that is very fast and responsive – yet protected by zero trust security. No VPNs or agents are required.

“In today’s modern digital companies, there is no longer a ‘network boundary’. The employees are distributed, the data environments are scattered across several private and public clouds,” explains Craig Lurey, CTO and co-founder of Keeper Security. “The integration of the Keeper Connection Manager expands the cybersecurity platform. This protects every user in the company, on every device they use, on every website, in every application and in every system they access – no matter where they work from.“

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