KnowBe4 creates Guide for Security Awareness Program

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Security Awareness

Instructions: Building an Effective and Comprehensive Security Awareness Program

KnowBe4, the provider of the world’s largest platform for security awareness training and simulated phishing, publishes the guide “Building an Effective and Comprehensive Security Awareness Program”, compiled by Joanna Huisman, SVP of Strategic Insights & Research at KnowBe4.
The guide provides a blueprint for cyber security experts and trainers to put together a comprehensive, continuous and engaging security awareness program. It covers the use of interesting content, simulated phishing attacks and insightful data, the establishment of a champions group and how to secure the support of the management, as well as the selection of some critical metrics by which the development of the program can be measured.

Perry Carpenter, Chief Evangelist & Strategy Officer, KnowBe4

“With the ongoing cyber attacks that affect businesses around the world on a daily basis, it has never been more important for cyber security professionals to create a robust security awareness program,” says Perry Carpenter, chief evangelist and strategy officer at KnowBe4. “These programs can have many different approaches, but the most effective ones involve employees on a continuous basis. It is also important to evaluate how safe behavior can be trained and what ultimately contributes to a proper “security culture”.”In his book ” Transformational Security Awareness”, he further explains how to promote safe behavior by defining behavior and understanding the subcomponents of behavior. He explains: “To achieve real change, you need to be clear about the exact behaviors you want from employees.“

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