Koelnmesse asked about interest in gamescom 2021


How much money visitors are ready for a day ticket for the gamescom 2021 spend and how high the interest in on-the-spot event at all? These questions will clarify the Koelnmesse for the considered Hybrid Event in advance.

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Whether and in what Form the team project gamescom 2021 will take place, is not yet officially, however, the subject of an on-site exhibition held seems to be not completely excluded regarded as a survey of Koelnmesse through market research Hopp shows.

As the Newsletter is in the gamescom, will be filed “with high pressure to the embodiment of the hybrid gamescom in August”. For the final Details, Koelnmesse brings for the time being, but the visitors a reply. The Koelnmesse asks how it is to the interest of the visitors to a site gamescom 2021.

Also will see the readiness for the arrival of the gamescom in appropriate hygiene concept, the interest in the fair, with fewer exhibitors, and the measures of the visitors as necessary, to feel comfortable. asked.

Many question also of the willingness to pay of visitors, when it turns out that the gamescom could be higher ticket prices exposed to. Quite apart from the question of a Wildcard for 147 Euro. Thus, a variety of opinions on the Ticket type, and the prices have obtained, and also the question, what is the probability of “at the gamescom in 2021 on the ground,” if a non-discounted one-day ticket would cost for a visit on the weekend 73,50€?”

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