Konnect launches satellite broadband in Austria

Konnect launches satellite broadband in Austria

Konnect, a member of the Eutelsat Group, has now officially launched its next-generation satellite-based broadband service offering in Austria. […]

The way people live and work has changed as a result of the pandemic and consumers are now more dependent than ever on efficient and reliable Internet access, regardless of where they live. “At Konnect, we understand that every Austrian consumer is different, as are the emerging demands of the new normal. Therefore, we offer a wide range of options tailored to your needs and environment: from private use, such as e-mail and web browsing, to use by families and prosumers who need HD video streaming, or farms that use online tools to monitor their herds and crops. All options offer unlimited data for every need,” explains Johnny Robinson, Managing Director of Konnect Europe.

Digitisation of rural areas

According to Robinson, satellite broadband Internet is also of strategic importance for the digitization of rural areas throughout Austria. “Instead of setting up an Internet connection via cables that must first be routed everywhere, or relying on mobile 4G or 5G reception, satellite broadband allows connection via a satellite dish that is attached to the outside of the house. The dish sends and receives information via satellite, so this option works almost anywhere, while also being extremely fast and offering a good cost-benefit ratio,“ says Robinson.

“At the end of 2020, we started the Europe-wide launch of the Konnect satellite broadband service and I am pleased to be able to offer our connections to consumers in Austria from this week. The connections offer a bandwidth of up to 100 Mbps and are immediately available. This gives users the added benefit of not having to wait for mobile or fibre networks to expand in their region.”says James Soames, Global Marketing Director at Konnect.

Satellite Internet is available from 29.99 euros per month, including hardware with a lifetime warranty, an installation of 99 euros and a one-time activation fee of 49 euros.

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