KPMG Cloud Monitor 2022: Focus on sustainability

KPMG Cloud Monitor 2022: Focus on sustainability

90 Percent of the companies surveyed in Austria attribute cloud computing an added value in reducing their CO2 emissions. 86 Percent say they want to reduce their costs by using cloud computing. […]

The topic of cloud computing continues to be in high demand among domestic companies: three quarters (71 percent) of companies work in the cloud every day – an increase of eight percentage points compared to the previous year. Companies have recognized the added value of cloud solutions to support their sustainability goals and for more than one in two users, the reduction of their own CO2 footprint is anchored in the cloud strategy.

,Many companies have become aware that the cloud is a fundamental technology for achieving sustainability goals. Because by customizing the required infrastructure, the cloud technologies make it possible to provide the necessary capacities as needed,“ says KPMG Partner Michael Schirmbrand. The main reasons for using the cloud are cost reduction (86 percent) and reduction of CO2 emissions (66 percent).

More and more cloud-based companies

42 Percent of cloud users run their productive applications from the cloud. For 2025, set this figure at 66 percent. In addition, seven percent of existing users say that they will achieve between 91 and 100 percent cloud use in their IT systems in 2025. “Ideally, there should be a separate unit, such as a cloud Center of Excellence, which drives these digitization goals forward. The goal would be that in addition to cloud knowledge, know-how from IT project management or IT security is also provided in these teams,“ says KPMG Director Wolfgang Schramm on cloud transformation goals.

Public Cloud-Start with obstacles

Only 16 percent of cloud users state that the public cloud was launched without any problems. In particular, compliance requirements (52 percent), security requirements (60 percent) and the shortage of skilled workers (40 percent) complicate the integration process.

“There is no way around the development of appropriate know-how in order to remain competitive. The demand for well-trained cloud experts is getting bigger and bigger,” says KPMG Director Christian Frühwirth.

For critical applications or information, only 17 percent of companies use their public cloud solutions. Nevertheless, a positive response can be observed on the part of the employees: “Due to the pandemic-related work, cloud solutions accompany employees on a daily basis and therefore they have increasingly gained acceptance. Regardless of whether the decision of the companies falls on the private or public cloud – without cloud computing, there is no way around IT modernization,“ says KPMG Senior Manager Wolfgang Zeitler.

Further results of the study:

  • 62 Percent cite cloud use as a goal for the implementation of agile projects.
  • 46 Percent see cloud technologies as enablers for the development of digital business models.
  • Security continues to play a central role in cloud usage: 43 percent have been exposed to ransomware attacks in the past twelve months.
  • 57 Percent reported downtime of their cloud solutions in the past twelve months.
  • At 77 percent, the IT department is driving cloud transformation.

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