Lack of staff: how companies can now find employees

Lack of staff: how companies can now find employees

A year and a half after the pandemic began, more and more companies are reporting an unprecedented shortage of staff. They desperately look for employees, but apparently they do not find them. But how can the optimal employees be found? […]

The most common and biggest mistake companies make in their search for new employees is that they do exactly the same thing as everyone else. With standard job postings, however, you will receive only a few applications, or often address the wrong candidates. Companies need to get off the beaten track and break new ground in the application process to find the optimal employees. In the job advertisements, it should be emphasized here what makes the company special. What values are lived in the company? What values are reflected in the corporate DNA? In the search for new and, above all, the right employees, it is essential that both parties share the same values. Only if potential employees identify with the values lived in the company will they remain in the company in the long term.

Values as identification level

For example, if the company has been offering flexible working hours or the option of a home office for years, this can and should be communicated in the job advertisement. If flexibility in the new job is an important criterion for an applicant, he will feel much more addressed by the call for applications. The clear communication of the company’s values also means that fewer candidates will feel addressed. In the end, however, this represents an advantage for the company, because anyone who does not agree with the values of the company is also not suitable as an employee. In this way, companies not only manage to find applicants who are optimally suited to the corporate culture, but also automatically reduce the selection in the application process, which can save unsuccessful job interviews.

Communicating values intensively

Especially in the current time, the communication of the values of companies is more important than ever. The pandemic brought many short-term changes, many employees were sent to short-term work. Applicants and future employees now look for security and trust. If you can identify with the company and believe in the same values, then a much more intensive cooperation will arise here than with employees who can not have an identification level. Anyone who feels valued and understood in a company because everyone pulls together will also be much more resistant to crises and will not leave the company at the first problem that arises. This aspect has now become relevant and clear in the current pandemic. Companies must now clearly communicate their values in job advertisements so that the right candidates feel addressed. At the same time, however, the company itself must find out the values of the applicants in the application process and look for matches.

Authentic self-presentation

In order to be able to find employees, it is also essential that the company presents itself honestly and authentically. The aim here is to write job advertisements that make the working atmosphere tangible for the applicants. What activities are undertaken together in your free time? Which workshops do the employees participate in? What does the workplace look like? Why do employees feel comfortable in the company? Many companies do not manage to find the right employees because they focus on the applicant’s job profile in their job advertisements instead of giving the candidates a realistic picture of their possible future job. In order to be able to show this and above all to make it visually visible, it is recommended for companies to use photos or videos. When applicants see in a short video what their future workplace will look like, or an employee speaks in the video, they directly get a better sense of whether the company also meets their requirements and wishes.

Use social media channels

When looking for new employees, companies should not only publish their job advertisements on the standard platforms, but also use social media for this purpose. On these platforms, there is the advantage that visual material such as videos or photos can be used here, and interested parties can get a clear impression of the company and the advertised job. In addition, the social media profiles of the companies themselves provide an insight for candidates, where they can inform themselves about the company as well as its culture and identification.

In the process of employee acquisition, companies can consider their social media channels as a portfolio in which they provide all the relevant information that is decisive for potential applicants. You can thus ensure that your values are explained here, for example in the form of a short video. A video in which employees have their say also brings applicants closer to the company. Visual aspects of a job advertisement make it possible to bring your own company closer to candidates. Values, potential colleagues and the working atmosphere can thus be communicated authentically to the outside world.


In order to be able to find employees at the moment, companies must intensively communicate their lived values in their job advertisements. After all, only candidates who can identify with the company will become long-term employees. In addition, companies must describe themselves and their corporate culture in job advertisements. Here it is important to remain honest and authentic, applicants must be given a real impression of the working climate. Photos and videos on social media can be suitable for presenting your own company to the outside world.

*The author Gian-Marco Blum is co-founder of Candidate Flow GmbH and co-developer of the Candidate Flow method.

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