Lindera: Intelligent algorithms for motion apps


With the Lindera Software Development Kit (LTech), the Berlin-based health tech company Lindera is bringing AI technology into the fitness industry. […]

So that the fitness and health industry can also benefit from AI, the health tech company Lindera is now offering manufacturers a new software development kit LTech. Lindera is thus providing its 3D technology for motion analysis. App providers can integrate them into their applications and use the features of the 3D skeleton tracker. Thanks to the algorithm, you can provide amateur or professional athletes with personalized training with real – time feedback.

The AI-based mobility analysis Lindera SturzApp is already in use in care facilities and therapy centers. To enable even more people to benefit from objective and precise analysis, Lindera has developed a flexible pose matching algorithm based on the Google positioning model, which is based on three elements:

  • Through the web interface, motion app providers upload their video, apply the Lindera 3D skeleton tracker to it, select the parameters of the exercise and save the definition.
  • The pose matching algorithm matches users ‘ movements based on the position model and the previously defined features of the pose in the web interface.
  • The feedback generator gives users individual suggestions for improvement in real time, for example for movement execution, the execution speed and the number of repetitions. The software not only detects misalignments during exercises in the horizontal or vertical, but also gives precise feedback.

The intelligent pose matching algorithm works for an almost infinite number of poses and exercise types. Companies can introduce their specific use cases and exercises to the platform solution in just a few hours. The integration and application can be done by the company itself, as well as the simple and fast integration of new exercises.


* Bernhard Lauer is a freelance editor of dotnetpro and is responsible for the section Basic Instinct. With Visual Basic, he has been programming privately since version 1.0.

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