LinkedIn: Hundreds of millions of account details leaked


The job network LinkedIn was apparently the victim of an attack in which 700 million records were stolen. They are available for purchase on the Dark Web. […]

The team of the security platform RestorePrivacy came across a post in a hacker forum in which personal data of around 700 million users of the platform LinkedIn have been offered for sale since the beginning of this week. This corresponds to over 90 percent of all user accounts in the network.

The team took a sample (about a million records) and checked it. They turned out to be real, as RestorePrivacy announced in his blog. Records of European user accounts are also included.

(c) RestoryPrivacy

According to the RestorePrivacy blog, the records contain the full name, e-mail and postal addresses, location data, telephone numbers stored, user names, gender, professional career, and links to other social media accounts that may have been stored. As LinkedIn announces, there are 756 million accounts on the platform-so the leak would affect virtually all users who have registered on the platform.

However, only a fraction of the data offered in the said forum can be viewed by the public. According to a dialogue of the RestorePrivacy blog with the provider of the data, this requires 5000 US dollars.

Update: The LinkedIn team has now commented on the incident. There had been no data breach and no private LinkedIn member data was affected. Rather, the data was accessed via scraping publicly accessible information from LinkedIn and other sources.

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