Lockdown is also increasingly pushing brick-and-mortar retailers into e-commerce

Lockdown drängt zunehmend auch stationäre Händler in den E-Commerce


Electronic commerce in Germany records increasing sales every year, the corona measures have once again given this development a strong boost. While online retailers and the large sales platforms Amazon and Co.in particular benefit from this development, stationary retailers often only used classic shipping or concepts such as “Call & Collect” to sell their goods. The latter are increasingly taking the current situation as an opportunity to rethink their business strategy and open up digital sales channels.

More benefits through multichannel sales

An investment in a corresponding digital infrastructure pays off in the long term, and sales reach is significantly increased not only in times of crisis. In particular, multichannel sales, i.e. sales on as many different e-commerce channels as possible, offers retailers great opportunities. By serving several channels, for example through your own online shop, selling on Amazon and integrating social media into your own sales strategy, a much larger target group and thus higher sales can be achieved without much additional effort.

Advantages of additional sales channels

The benefits of a multichannel strategy are obvious. Companies thus take advantage of the opportunity to serve markets that were not previously open to them. For example, a brick-and-mortar store without an online store can only count on regional potential buyers, the fact that customers from another city frequent the store is rather the exception, unless it is a rare range of goods. Through an online shop you can be reached as a company at least potentially at any time and from any place. Obstacles such as shop opening hours are thus completely eliminated.

In addition, additional sales channels can greatly increase the visibility of a company or brand and increase the recognition value. The change in consumer behavior has led to buyers usually first getting information online about certain products or services. Those who cannot be found under corresponding search terms are therefore not even noticed by a large potential group of buyers.

Specialized service providers ensure professional implementation

In today’s time it is relatively easy to create an online shop compared to a few years ago, but you should not underestimate the effort. Successful online trade is only possible if all relevant parameters are correct and the individual orientation of the company is taken into account. Professional service providers, such as the e-commerce agency intoCommerce, can support companies in implementing an online shop according to individual requirements and needs and developing a suitable e-commerce strategy. The performance of an agency should not be underestimated. E-commerce is a very fast-moving industry and is subject to constant changes. Without experience in online trading and online marketing, it is difficult to build a solid foundation for an optimal start.


In the long term, stationary retailers can only benefit from multichannel sales . Even if the situation should relax in the near future and normal shopping finally becomes possible again, the advantages of an online shop remain. In order to be able to withstand the increasing competitive pressure in the long term, stationary companies should rethink their sales strategies and set them up as broadly as possible. With a solid online shop that has the necessary flexibility and scalability, a company is able to bring its products or services to the man even in times of crisis.

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