LogPoint brings Version 6.11: Work more efficiently across departments

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LogPoint brings Version 6.11: Work more efficiently across departments

LogPoint 6.11 improves collaboration opportunities for security analysts

LogPoint, the global cyber security innovator, has launched version 6.11 of its SIEM solution. With the new release, security analysts can control access rights when sharing alarm rules. LogPoint 6.11 automatically shares each rule update with all relevant users, allowing departments to work more efficiently across countries and business units.

Role-based benefits for security teams increase efficiency because:

  • Security teams can easily apply the same rules to different records
  • When analysts update a rule, it is updated for all records
  • Eliminates the need to create duplicate rules every time an analyst sets an alarm

LogPoint 6.11 ensures that security analysts are not overwhelmed by redundant or outdated alarms and reduces false positivites. The new release continues LogPoint’s efforts to create the most efficient collaborative environment for security analysts, including role-based access to dashboards introduced in LogPoint 6.10.

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