Low-Code brings IT and business departments


Interdisciplinary cooperation instead of frustration feeling Low-Code brings IT and business departments

Friction between IT staff and departments often a lack of understanding and lack of communication lead. Low-Code solutions can help to reduce conflicts.


Interdisciplinary Teams help to understand the desires, Concerns, and claims of non-employees better.Interdisciplinary Teams help to understand the desires, Concerns, and claims of non-employees better.

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The relationship between business and IT Department in many companies is difficult. While areas of expertise to present eagerly wishes for new solutions that would help you to digitize processes to improve existing processes and new business models, blocks the IT Department. Day-to-day business of IT operations and Support will remain a little time, to support innovative projects or even to self-promote.

On both sides of the frustration, therefore, also because often the understanding of the needs and Concerns of each other is missing. Of subject areas, IT is perceived Department as a brake – which in turn has the feeling between the from all directions on you einprassel the Wish to spread and can’t somebody make it right.

The Situation is aggravated when departments introduce a short-hand applications and Cloud Services, and a shadow IT can create, which can respond to the IT Department, only with stronger restrictions. Free paddles in contrast, resources, individual concern, take the projects are usually long, and the patience of the departments in the sample.

With Low-Code to less frustration

One reason for this is that for many company-specific requirements, there are no standard solutions in the market, and the classic development of own applications is very expensive and time-consuming. In addition, she poses in advance is not clear by the departments defined, or in the course of a long development process, the requirements change, the risk to not deliver the desired results.

An exciting Alternative to the development of Business applications with the help of Low-Code is therefore platforms. On the one hand, because they allow for a much lower cost and faster development, on the other hand, because they involve employees from the departments very strong.

In the case of Low-Code platforms, visual modeling tools, and ready-made Software components for forms, rules and notifications to allow rapid development without programming knowledge. So-called Citizen Developer, committed employees from the areas of expertise, can create after training and under the guidance of the IT Department is relatively straightforward applications.

To explain instead of cumbersome, you need to set it up with simple means, to a large extent. IT creates the framework and is responsible for the management of the project, the Integration of data sources and the operation of the applications. Converts from the IT operating partner and IT is a problem solver, a Coach and a Business Enabler that supports the introduction of innovative applications and drives.

In order for such projects to succeed, must be embedded in the Low-Code platforms in the existing framework of the company. So IT can ensure departments, that all applications – build up regardless of whether they were created in the traditional ways of development or with Low-Code on the same Foundation and there is no Software creates wild growth.

From the dependence of feeling for the interdisciplinary exchange

Low-Code to solve simultaneously the classic roles of “An ordered, the supplies of the other”. Interdisciplinary Teams with staff from the departments and the IT Department work closely together, which only works smoothly if you are using agile methods and Tools.

In such a set up Teams, not by plan, for example, projects up to the desired final result and work on the individual tasks and then slavishly. Rather, they break the big goal into sub-goals, which can be achieved in small, often experimental steps and are regularly reviewed and adapted. Modern communication and collaboration tools support you.

Just in the past few months, many companies have found that they need more and better digital processes and their Teams be more agile, have to work together to be able to quickly respond to new challenges. Low-Code linked to these two goals sent: ideas from departments can be cast to a fraction of the cost of classic Software development projects in a much shorter time in applications, business processes more efficient and employees more productive.

Florian Weber

Florian Weber (Image: Pegasystems)

Due to the special development model, the power Department employees to be an integral part of the development processes, arises almost automatically, a dynamic collaboration between business and IT. Both are equally responsible for their application, and contribute to their creation, which increases according to experience, staff Motivation and commitment and a much better work, to prescribe as an agile collaboration just from the top.

* Florian Weber is a Principal Solutions Consultant at Pegasystems.

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