Lucerne Psychiatry chooses Omada as IGA provider

Studie von Yubico zeigt mangelhafte Bereitschaft für starke Authentifizierung

Major Swiss psychiatry opts for more visibility and stronger data protection with an automated identity and access management solution

Omada A/S (Omada), a leading global provider of an identity governance and administration (IGA) solution, today announced that Lucerne Psychiatry (LUPS) has chosen Omada as its IGA provider. With over 1,200 employees, LUPS is the largest regional provider of psychiatric services in Switzerland.

Security and compliance are a high priority for LUPS, as they handle highly sensitive patient data and the number of systems in which this data is processed and stored has steadily increased. As LUPS continues to expand its digital services, it needed an identity and access management system that reduces the manual effort for user management through automation. In addition, there was a need for improved reporting to enable the greater transparency sought by LUPS and at the same time to document compliance with legal regulations.

The Lucerne Psychiatry chose Omada Identity due to two key areas:

  • Automation: Omada provided the ability to automate processes for identity lifecycle management, recertification, segregation of functions, password reset and emergency lockout.
  • Scalability: LUPS was committed to modernizing the company’s IT platform so that it is scalable and can support the company in advancing digitization and meeting changing compliance requirements.

Another decisive distinguishing feature for Lucerne psychiatry was Omada’s long-term strategic partnership with the Swiss-based implementation partner SECURIX AG, a customer-oriented service provider with extensive IAM implementation experience. SECURIX AG supports organizations in the evaluation of identity security solutions as well as in the conception, implementation and operation with its own IAM Operation Center.

Beat Stucki, CIO of Lucerne Psychiatry, about the requirements for IGA: “We are processing more and more sensitive patient data, and security is our top priority. We had to modernize our infrastructure, but the lack of transparency in the authorization environment increased the challenges of the project. Omada provides the automation and transparency we need to comply with legal requirements and protect our customers’ personal data.“

Michael Garrett, CEO of Omada , explains: “Like most organizations, the IT landscape of Lucerne psychiatry has also evolved over time, and in order to support the introduction of new applications and the digitization of services, there was a clear need for a new platform for identity governance and administration. With Omada’s solution, the IT experts of Lucerne Psychiatry can accelerate the introduction of new applications and digitized services while meeting industry-leading compliance and governance requirements.“


SECURIX AG is a security consulting company specializing in Identity & access management. We support companies in the evaluation of suitable identity security solutions as well as in the conception, implementation and operation with our own IAM Operation Center. SECURIX has already received several awards from Omada and was the first Omada partner in Switzerland. Our 100 employees at three locations in Switzerland provide professional IAM project management, high-quality consulting and successful software integration and support the German market with our branch in Berlin.

About Omada

Omada, a global leader in identity governance and administration (IGA), provides a comprehensive, enterprise-grade, cloud-native IGA solution that helps organizations achieve compliance, reduce risk, and maximize efficiency. Founded in 2000, Omada provides innovative identity management for complex hybrid environments based on our proven best practice process framework and implementation approach.

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