Lufthansa Cargo: CIO relies on in-house development in the cloud

Lufthansa Cargo: CIO relies on in-house development in the cloud

CIO Jochen Göttelmann decided against standard systems and relies on self-developed applications in the cloud. In this way, he improves sales processes at Lufthansa Cargo and reduces IT costs. […]

In logistics, complex supply chains and limited budgets ensure that new IT standards and solutions are often introduced only slowly. Many processes are still manual and paper-based. Lufthansa Cargo wanted to change this and, above all, make its sales IT more customer-oriented.

Since standard software did not offer a sufficient opportunity for differentiation, the team led by CIO Jochen Göttelmann decided on a different course: a new booking platform should be developed completely in-house. “For us, our own booking engine is an essential success factor in order to offer one hundred percent online bookability of all products and services faster than our competition, to be able to connect with our customers and partners, and to increase the internal efficiency of our sales processes,” the manager explains the decision.

For the project, Göttelmann first created the framework conditions: all stakeholders, including the board, pledged their support. The IT staff use a platform in Microsoft’s Azure cloud for cloud-native development. In four teams with at times 60 to 80 members, they developed the new solution using agile methods and used the Scrum framework for this purpose. Modules and services went live gradually, while the legacy code was revised. Using a DevOps approach, IT was able to address and resolve problems in operation at an early stage. Program code was automatically checked according to the security-by-design principle.

“Agile approach thrives even more than the classic waterfall on a high personal interaction of all participants, which is often difficult to realize in the home office,” says Jochen Göttelmann, 3rd place at the CIO of the Year 2021 (category Large companies) (c) Lufthansa Cargo

With the project, the company has laid the foundation for the digitization of the sales process. Customers can now book Lufthansa Cargo’s services digitally in a multi-channel approach via various channels. In addition, IT digitized pricing, replaced the outdated Siebel CRM with Microsoft Dynamics and created paperless customer interfaces for freight documents with eFreight.

The new systems run more stable, cost less in operation and prevent revenue losses due to lost bookings. The online booking portal makes it easier for customers to complete complex orders. Freight documents are automatically checked at the time of completion, delays in delivery are avoided. In addition, customers can be looked after more individually by the new CRM.

“Very consistent alignment with modern technologies and topics as well as modernizing the application landscape.“

*Jens Dose is editor of the CIO magazine. In addition to the core topics around CIOs and their projects, he also deals with the role of the CISO and its area of responsibility.

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