macOS 13 is just around the corner – these features await us

macOS 13 is just around the corner – these features await us

Apple’s developer conference – the WWDC – is coming up in June. One of the highlights will be the new operating system for Apple’s Macs. macOS 13. What can we expect there? […]

In June, Apple will launch WWDC, the Worldwide Developers Conference. In addition to hardware – more on that later – the major updates of the Apple operating systems are presented there. macOS, iOS, iPadOS and watchOS – they all get an update.

In principle, of course, not all information circulating on the internet before the said event can be considered one hundred percent secure. Nevertheless, some predictions are almost certainly possible – for example, functions that are already implemented in macOS Monterey, but have not yet been activated, or other functions whose introduction is considered secured.

Release Date

Apple will present the features of the next version of macOS on June 6 at 19 PM CEST. Apple has already confirmed this. It is also clear that there will be a beta version – you can register for the beta program here (free of charge). The public beta version – which will not only be available to developers and insiders – will probably come in the course of July. This is based on empirical values of recent years. The official roll-out will be in autumn – macOS Monterey arrived on October 25, 2021. Therefore, it is also possible to go out again from mid-October to early November.


At Apple, it is a tradition to assign a number to the operating systems on the one hand, and a name on the other (macOS Monterey had the 12). Often these are animals (Snow Leopard, Lion, etc.), or even places, deserts or mountains (Yosemite, Mojave, Monterey).

There is no really reliable information about the name, but there are always hints. For example, the blog 9to5Mac has learned that a company called Yosemite Research LLC has secured naming rights for computer systems, including recently the name Mammoth, i.e. Mammut. In the past, there have finally been name transfers to Apple, such as 9to5Mac weiss, for example at Monterey. There’s also apparently a Mammoth Lake and a Mammoth Mountain in California – who knows.

Which Mac(s)(books) will receive the update?

From time to time, users are worried that in the future only devices with Apple’s in-house processors M1 and the M2, which will probably make its debut at the same event, will be supported. This is considered unlikely. Because Monterey, which was released in 2021, even supported 2013 models.

It is possible that some devices will no longer be able to enjoy the latest operating system, but there will probably not be such a radical cut. This is mainly because, for example, the Mac Pro model was on sale from 2013 until 2019. However, it is not clear whether all functions will be supported. The following devices still support Monterey:

  • All MacBooks since 2016
  • All MacBook Airs since 2015
  • All MacBook Pros since 2015
  • All Mac minis since 2014
  • All iMacs since autumn 2015
  • All iMac Pros
  • All Mac Pros since 2013
  • Mac Studio

Basically, Apple is still working to bring its various operating systems closer together, to interlink the ecosystem even more closely. Therefore, functions that have only been released for mobile operating systems such as iOS or iPadOS are often an indication of what Apple could possibly port to macOS.

App Library

The app library was kept on the iPhone about 2 years ago. If you download new apps on the phone, you can specify whether the icon is only sorted into the library, or appears as a single app on the home screen. The App Library is organized thematically. So this would be a great addition to the Launchpad, which simply shows an entire app overview – but does not arrange thematically. With dozens of apps, this can be confusing, especially since you don’t want them all in the dock.

Time Machine

The Time Machine is a great thing – you can create backups of the status quo of the Mac. And so exactly that the one accidentally deleted Wordfile is not only there again when you rollback, but can even be found in exactly the same folder from which you accidentally deleted it. According to rumors, it should be possible with macOS 13 to synchronize Time Machine backups directly with iCloud after creating them (if there is enough memory). The advantages are obvious – the loss of a Mac does not immediately mean a loss of the backup.


Apple has had a hard time with widgets for a long time. Years after they were already commonplace in the Android universe, they also found their way to iOS – in 2020, on iOS 14, and then also on iPadOS. However, they are not yet freely movable. If you make the leap to macOS, that will probably change and you can place the widgets on the desktop where you want.


Speaking of widgets, maybe the weather app will come to macOS. Last fall there was a redesign with pretty animations and a different layout. So porting to iPad OS and macOS could be a next step. The same applies, for example, to the Health, Fitness+ or the Home app, which are useful in everyday life, but would be easier to manage on a large screen with a full-fledged keyboard. The same applies to the time display, or the clock under macOS – this could tolerate one or the other update in terms of timer, stopwatch function or alarm clock. These functions are not supported as of today.

Remote Unlock

The fingerprint scanner has already made the leap to the MacBook – and in cooperation with the Apple Watch, the mask problem has also been solved. At least until the FaceID was then made usable with a mask. Will this possibly be expanded? If the Mac can already be unlocked with the watch, would it be practical if this could also be done with the iPhone? Especially since Apple would catch up with Google, because Chromebooks can already be unlocked with Android phones.


A hardware wish (yes, a wish) at the end.

Although the touch bar is more or less flopped, but what does it look like with a touch screen? Of course, it is unlikely, because Apple is (probably rightly) afraid to cannibalize its own products (read: iPad Pro) with such a feature. But you can dream.

*Bodoky Florian is a neo Apple user, audio enthusiast, PCtipp YouTuber, tech bargain hunter and coffee machine overachiever

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