Magenta: Media efficiency and brand experience increased with data science expertise from e-dialog

Magenta: Media efficiency and brand experience increased with data science expertise from e-dialog


The optimization of the campaign management by using insights from data science analyses of the full-service agency for data-driven marketing e-dialog brought a significant improvement in the campaign KPIs for Magenta. The innovative use of the Data Clean Room for Magenta Telekom has received several awards. […]

The telecommunications provider Magenta is known for eye-catching, creative advertising campaigns. For the Success optimization this Campaign the internationally active agency for data-driven advertising e-dialog has an innovative application case for the data clean room developed. The learnings and recommendations from these analyses improve the performance of Magenta’s advertising measures and have, among other things, brought in a WebAd trophy.

Optimizing the user experience with insights from the Data Clean Room

The high art of digital campaigns is the optimization and control of the display of advertising messages. The contact frequency per user is particularly important. The degree between being overlooked and annoying overexposure is narrow here. “But it is precisely this frequency – the ‘sweet spot’ or ‘optimal frequency cap’ – that promises high conversion rates and thus the efficient use of the media budget.” explains agency founder Siegfried Stepke.

In order to optimize campaigns of telecommunications provider Magenta precisely to this frequency of playout, Digitalexpert e-dialog has developed an in-depth and privacy-compliant analysis of raw campaign data in the AdsDataHub – a Clean Room – start. Based on this, actual and optimal contact frequencies can be calculated with machine learning methods. Based on the learnings, e-dialog and Magenta optimize the display frequency of ads data-based and in real time along the customer journey and thus increase brand experience and media efficiency. ”By optimizing our campaigns for user experience, we offer the user an ideal brand experience on every channel and in every funnel stage,” Herbert Schöberl, Senior Vice President Digitalization Magenta Telekom, summarizes the result.

Performance and efficiency

“The use of the Data Clean Room for campaign analysis is an innovative approach to data-driven optimization of user experience and media budget.” confirms Natalia Beta-Leddin, Key Account Manager for Magenta Telekom at e-dialog. An efficiency optimization of 77% of the media budget as well as a Conversion increase by 32% were the result of the data-driven optimization of the customer journey by means of raw data analysis in the Data Clean Room.

These impressive results have also convinced various award juries, so the case received the Golden WebAd the iab Austria in the category Best Data-Driven Campaign, the Annual Multimedia Award in silver for Best Use of Data &AI and was nominated by the IAA for the shortlist of the EFFIE.

You can find the winning video here: (, Details of the project here.

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