Managers must master the IT language!

Managers must master the IT language!

The ability to “talk about IT” will be a necessary prerequisite for leadership jobs in the future. But language competence has also increased in IT itself. […]

What you can’t talk about, you can’t decide together. However, important IT decisions must be made jointly by business and IT – strategic IT decisions even in the management. And if companies want to consistently implement the digital transformation, then at some point they will also have to involve their business partners in the decisions.

Otherwise, if, as in the past, the decisions are delegated to the IT department or individual IT specialists, wrong decisions will happen or the measures necessary for success will not be taken. Speechlessness acts like a wall across the digitalization highway.

In recent years, however, the situation has improved significantly. We have made substantial progress in talking about IT. Language development runs through all functions and hierarchy levels – from the management to the managers in business and IT to the specialists. Until recently, only a few CEOs were able to participate in discussions about digital transformation, but today more and more can even have a say in IT decisions.

This means that you not only know the terms and concepts of using IT – for example, “digital twins” or “customer–oriented business ecosystems” – but you even understand the concepts that are important for the design, construction and operation of IT, for example, “enterprise architecture” or “scrum”.

Even in traditional sectors of the economy, for example, in agriculture, managers are engaged in ensuring that the personnel department provides advanced training in computational thinking. The time when IT decisions were a matter for the IT department seems like a distant memory, which at best causes some to be a little wistful. More often, however, the new IT competence in the management is perceived as a real enrichment that strengthens the commitment to the company’s success.

Farewell to secret languages

Language competence has also increased in IT itself. The use of pattern languages is spreading widely. The fact that manufacturers like to invent their own pattern terms only slightly clouds this progress. Thanks to the improved language competence, the exchange of experience among IT architecture managers today has a much higher level than just a few years ago.

Sometimes there are setbacks, for example when companies accept that they are working with IT architecture images that only a very small circle of initiates can interpret. For comparison, imagine that the plans of high-rise buildings could only be read by some mountain monks. That would be bizarre – and it should not be accepted in IT either.

Overall, however, the trend towards more understandable communication prevails. It is communicated more and more often with meaningful architectural images and with clear language. This is good news for humanity, for business and for computer science. The only concern is that the public administration will not keep up with this development. The political-administrative complex functions according to its own rules. One of them is – not everywhere, but in many areas – that you don’t speak the language of IT because you stand for higher values. Just as Louis XIV once did.

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