“Mandalore” – AR app for smartphones based on “Star Wars”

In November came the continuation of the series about a hired mandalore based on the Universe of Star Wars. Disney’s vision of “Star wars” received a high rating from viewers and became one of the best branches of the franchise.


After the release of an episodic series Google in conjunction with Lucasfilm has produced an AR experience, which allows to move the player in the role of the protagonist. The user explores the universe of Mandalore, can interact remotely with all participants that are displayed in life-size, but unique effects and features. You can also share on social networks the augmented reality experience, video.

The developers used SDK ARCore. The app “Mandalore” powered by Google for smartphones and has the support of DepthAI technology to reproduce a realistic image with depth setting.

Download “Mandalore AR” free all phones with OS Android via the Play Market. The developers plan to update the game with new scenes and features weekly.

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