Medal of Honor announced for VR headsets

On last August 27 of this year the Gamescom event Opening Night Live announced a new part of Medal of Honor. A new part called Above And Beyond will be released for the VR headsets. Release VR the game is scheduled for a winter vacation.

Geoff Keighley, the main developer of the project and the head of the Studio Titanfall, confirmed the news on his Twitter page. He also pointed out that Medal of Honor: Above And Beyond was released at the end of this year. Gamescom was presented the trailer, which demonstrated impressive scene and part of the story.

The trailer begins with the inspiring words of a commander before battle. Then the soldiers jumped with a parachute and landed on the coast. The user becomes a participant of the French resistance. He needs to reveal the plan of the Gestapo and to suspend its implementation.

The gameplay includes not only dynamic shooting with firearms of the Second world war, but also throwing grenades and knives, setting explosives. The game includes many entertaining cut-scenes which the player is introduced into the story. The action takes place in Europe 40s.

Medal of Honor: Above And Beyond announced as an exclusive for the line of devices Oculus Rift. A nice bonus for the players was the news about the integration of the network mode.

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