Meta puts its F8 conference “on pause” to focus on the metaverse

Meta puts its F8 conference "on pause" to focus on the metaverse

Meta will not be holding an F8 conference this year. The company has just announced that, as in 2020 and 2021, its developer event, which usually took place in late April or early May, will not take place. If in past years the reason cited was the Covid-19 pandemic, this time Meta says it wants to focus on its new mission: building the “metaverse”.

Instead, it will offer a new event, called Conversations, focused on business communication. It will be held on May 19 and seems aimed at developers or merchants wishing to take advantage of its instant messaging services (WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, Messenger). This has been one of Meta’s main areas of development in recent years.

F8, over for good?

So Meta’s big annual conference will be Connect, which is traditionally held in late September or early October. This is not necessarily surprising given the evolution of Meta. Born Oculus Connect, this year-end event gradually gained momentum to eventually eclipse F8, especially because Meta (then Facebook) had to limit third-party developers’ access to its users’ data.

However, F8 could resume in the future, or at least be replaced by another event in order to ensure a highlight for Meta in the first half of the year. In the meantime, we can expect small thematic events relayed online, such as the Quest Gaming Showcase, which will take place on April 20th.

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