Meta will try harder to show us the metaverse

Meta se esforzará más para mostrarnos el metaverso

Little by little, the months that have passed since, last summer, Meta (then Facebook) announced its most ambitious project so far, the metaverse, are adding up. A proposal, as the company has taken pains to let us know, to create a virtual reality infrastructure never seen before, with interconnection of all kinds of services, digital assets that could be used throughout the platform, and so on. A project so big, that the group has even chosen to change its name and its main objective.

However, despite the fanfare with which Meta has sold us, from day one, its metaverse, the truth is that expectations have not been and are not up to what we would like in Menlo Park, not to mention that technology companies such as Intel have pointed to technological deficiencies, while others such as Apple have already said that they have no intention of joining the party. A rather decaffeinated start, to which we must add the low implementation of virtual reality at present. The prospects are not too optimistic.

However, and as is fully understandable, Meta does not give up his future plans, and is going to take several steps in a direction that, personally, seems to me the smartest if it intends to attract users to its metaverse, and that is that now part of its plans are to facilitate users, and especially people who may feel a certain curiosity, that they can try for themselves what the Meta virtual environment offers.

Meta will try harder to show us the metaverse

For this, on the one hand, Meta will open a store in Burlingame, California on May 9 (in a location quite close to the company’s facilities dedicated to virtual reality) especially dedicated to the Metaverse. In it, visitors will be able to experience Zuckerberg’s proposal in an environment specially designed for this purpose. In it, the company’s physical devices will be available for purchase, but it is clear that its main reason for being is to offer a testing space.

And on the other hand, in a project that I must admit that yes it is particularly tempting, although, of course, not easily accessible, the Goal and the most prestigious Smithsonian institution, specifically the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building (AIB), have reached a collaboration agreement through which the company will be the technology partner for the implementation of an exhibition based on virtual reality, in which attendees will be able to participate in a recreation of a moonwalk. The activity will be operational from May 4 to June 6.

With these two actions, Meta a good effort is being made in terms of bringing virtual reality and the metaverse closer to its potential users, no doubt in order to increase the interest on which his future plans depend. Now, of course, the key is that both experiences are satisfactory for their users, and that they represent only the beginning of a much more ambitious plan.

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