Microsoft: Best practices for asynchronous Programming

David Fowler, Partner Software Architect on the team and co-developer of SignalR, has published some best practices for asynchronous programming. […]

Asynchronous programming has been around for several years on the .NET platform, but it has been very difficult to implement it well in the past. Since the introduction of async/await in C# 5, asynchronous programming has become mainstream. Modern frameworks (such as ASP.NET Core) are completely asynchronous and it is very hard to avoid the async keyword when writing web services. As a result, there was a lot of confusion about the best practices for async and how to use it properly. This text by David Fowler, Partner Software Architect on the team and co-developer of SignalR, provides a guide with examples of good and bad patterns for writing asynchronous code.

*Bernhard Lauer is a freelance editor of dotnetpro and is responsible for the section Basic Instinct. With Visual Basic, he has been programming privately since version 1.0.

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