Microsoft brings AI and automation to sales with Viva Sales

Microsoft brings AI and automation to sales with Viva Sales

Viva Sales works with a salesperson’s CRM to automate data entry and brings AI-powered intelligence to salespeople in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. […]

These days Microsoft has announced a new application for sellers with “Viva Sales”. The product is intended to enrich every CRM system with customer loyalty data from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. According to company data, it uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized recommendations and insights for sellers. According to a blog post from Microsoft, this allows a seller to seamlessly personalize their customer contacts in order to reach a faster deal.

In the current hybrid world of work, employees place higher demands on their employers – from the applications used to the working hours and places. This is especially true in sales. Viva Sales is therefore intended to enable sellers to gain insights from Microsoft 365 and teams, avoid manual data entry and receive AI-driven recommendations and reminders.

“The future of sales is not a new system. It’s about providing sellers with the information they need at the right time and in the right context in the tools they know,” says Judson Althoff, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Microsoft. “Our goal was to give sellers the opportunity to spend more time with their customers,” he adds.

Redesigning the sales experience

Viva Sales builds on Microsoft Viva, which was launched last year. It is, according to Microsoft, the first role-based Viva application designed specifically for salespeople.

Specifically, sellers should be able to tag customers in Outlook, Teams or Office applications such as Excel during work, and Viva Sales automatically records this as a customer record, which is provided with all relevant data about this customer, according to Microsoft. The corresponding data should be able to be shared with the team members when working in office and teams, without having to re-enter it or look it up in a CRM tool.

Based on data and artificial intelligence, Viva Sales will then recommend the next steps on the way to closing the sale, prioritize the work and give sellers access to the complete history and materials for customer interaction.

After all, according to the manufacturers, the tool offers customer insights in real time and thus – at least that’s the hope – a deeper understanding of where each customer is in his purchase journey and how the relationship with him is to be designed.

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