Microsoft Build 2022: Programming becomes more convenient with AI

At the developer conference “Build”, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella promised the programmers support through AI. Machines will soon also be able to summarize conversations and texts. […]

Artificial intelligence can do a lot of work for programmers. According to Microsoft, algorithms will be able to take over routine tasks as well as work for which advanced programming skills were previously required. Of the approximately 50 innovations and features that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced during the opening speech at the developer conference “Build”, the majority are based on the computer routines.

On the “Build” broadcast online, Nadella showed, among other things, a developer computer with an AI processor. The computer is managed under the name “Project Volterra”. The Windows developers should be able to write native apps for the popular platform thanks to a neural processing unit (NPU) based on an Arm processor. Proven productivity tools such as Visual Studio, VSCode, Windows Subsystem for Linux and Microsoft Office should be available to you. However, Volterra is not yet a finished product, according to the CEO.

Microsoft has developed the “Power Pages”, a low-code developer platform for business websites. This also applies to “Express Design in Power Apps”. The application uses AI to convert any templates from PDF, PowerPoint or drawing into a functional app, the manufacturer promises. The interfaces for common data sources would be included. Programmers could also integrate their own interfaces.

In the future, the “Microsoft Dev Box” will be available for testing apps. According to the provider, it allows the rapid deployment of a powerful cloud environment for new program code. With the Kubernetes-based “Azure Container Apps”, developers could take care of the apps and not the management of the cloud infrastructure for deployment, according to Microsoft.

The manufacturer promised business users a practical benefit of artificial intelligence: in the future, the computer with a cloud connection will be able to summarize in a few sentences what, for example, a 100-page document is about. And also what was finally decided in a two-hour team meeting. This service is provided by the “Azure Cognitive Services for Language”, which Microsoft wants to have trained with millions of texts and voice recordings. However, the prerequisite here should be that the documents and records are available in English.

*Mark Schröder is an editor at COM! professional.

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